Big festive holidays like Christmas are a great opportunity to reach out to clients. By sending a simple text, you can not only join in the spirit of the season but also offer a convenient and friendly reminder that you’re there for your customer and ready to assist. To help you, we’ve put together 12 Christmas WhatsApp messages for customers – with templates that are ready for you to use right away. 🎄

Experienced salespeople, marketers, and client servicers will tell you to never underestimate the power of a well-crafted holiday message.

A simple WhatsApp message or text can help you connect with your client, warming up a relationship even if it has been a while since you’ve last communicated. Even better, the next time they consider making a purchase, they’re more likely to remember you and reach out.

That means that you’re more likely to land a sale.

Feel free to use our message templates for WhatsApp or the SMS app of your choice.

Table of Contents:

Just remember that there are right and wrong ways to write and send that message. Consider:

1. The need to stand out from the crowd

You’re not the only salesperson trying to reconnect with that client. Your customer will be receiving many of these messages on or around Christmas, not only from your peers in sales and marketing but also from their family and friends. So, you’ll need to make sure your message is memorable in a positive way.

2. The risk of seeming opportunistic – or even worse, manipulative

Your seasonal wishes for your client are probably genuine, just like your desire to get them to buy from you. The trick is to balance these two so your client doesn’t think you’re using a big holiday to heckle or hard sell them.

3. Sending a message that includes details about your relationship with your client

You know your clients best. Any of the templates we offer you can and should include your customers’ names and any details about their family and preferences, if you have them.

This helps remind them about your relationship, and comes across as way less generic than a blanket “Merry Christmas!”

WhatsApp Christmas messages for long-time clients

Use these templates for clients or customers who you have known for a long time, or who have bought from you before.

While it’s always a good idea to include personal details – such as information about your client’s family or hobbies – in outreach to a client, a holiday like Christmas is an especially great time to highlight what you know about them and their families.

At the same time, you can use the message to express your appreciation for their continued support.

Hi Charlie!

Merry Christmas!🎄 I wanted to reach out and tell you how thankful I am to be your representative at ACME Insurance.

Wishing you, Ella, and Fluffy a beautiful holiday season filled with joy and laughter. 

Hello Lee 😊

Can you believe the holidays are here again? Thanks so much for your continued patronage at All the Time Fitness!

Wishing you, Michelle, Tommy, and Matty a very merry Christmas. May your celebrations be filled with peace, hope, love, and a lot of your mom’s famous fudge. 🍫

Hey Ava 👋

It’s a season for celebrating, and so I want to say thank you so much for being a valued customer at ACME Realty. 🎁

Have a joy-filled holiday season full of cherished moments, and please send my best to Carson and your father.

WhatsApp Christmas messages for new clients

You can use these templates for clients or customers who you’ve met recently or who are still moving through your sales process. Feel free to work personal details into the message and express a desire to continue to work together in the future.

Hi Joey 😊

Wishing you a wonderful and magical holiday season from me and everyone at Strength with Grace Pilates! 🎉

It’s been great getting to know you these past few months – looking forward to serving you more in the future. Have a great time on your ski trip to Japan! ⛷️

Hello Liz 👋

Wishing you, your friends, and your loved ones a very happy Christmas!

I’ve enjoyed getting to work with you this year at Starlit Events Management. 🙏 Have a brilliant day.

Hi Art!

Wishing you and Shauna a spectacular and restful Christmas filled with joy and peace – and the reading time you mentioned you were craving for your Beginner Astrology course! 🎁

If you have any questions about your class or any others, do let me know. Happy Holidays!

WhatsApp Christmas messages for customers or leads you haven’t engaged with in a long time

Ideally, you’re regularly following up with your prospects so that you never have to send a WhatsApp message to them after a long time. But if communication has fallen off between you and your leads for some reason, don’t worry!

These Christmas messages can help re-engage your leads – and remind them of who you are, what you’re selling, and any interactions you’ve had in the past.

Even better – you can follow up with them after the Christmas holiday by asking how their festivities went!

Hi Cheryl, hope all is well with you and Dave.

Wishing you both a very merry Christmas from me and ACME Realty. 🎄 Hope your holiday season is filled with good food, good friends, and good times!

ACME Realty

Hi Nic!

Merry Christmas from me and all of us here at BeautyBox Limited! 🎊

I remember you mentioning that you always spend your holiday with your mom in the mountains. Hope you, your mom, and the rest of your family have a joy-filled holiday with easy travel.

Hi Sam 👋

Merry Christmas! Last time we spoke, you mentioned entering a very busy period at work. Hope you’re getting some time to rest and recharge today. 🎉

Warm wishes of comfort and peace for the holiday season and in the days ahead.

WhatsApp Christmas messages for customers that offer a promotion

Festive seasons like Christmas are great times to offer your customers a little deal to celebrate and encourage them to revisit your conversation history either today or later on.

However, make sure you pay attention to timing. If you’re sending the message on Christmas or the day before, don’t put out an offer that pushes customers to buy that day. Save that message for earlier in the month.

But if you want to offer a discount code or promotion good for your client’s next purchase or for sometime in the next few months, go right ahead!

Hi Crystal!

Merry Christmas!🎄 Wishing you a holiday season full of light and love.

Here at Chez Rochelle, we’re celebrating with a little gift-giving of our own. Use code XMAS20 to get 20% off a wash, blow, and dry, good for the next three months.

Now, go on and celebrate! 🎊

Hi Michael!

We wanted to give you a little present this Christmas 👀, along with our well-wishes for you, your family, and your friends.

Get a free gift from Classes, Courses & More 🎁 with your next purchase using the code YESXMAS. Thank you so much for being our customer.

Hi Jamie!

Happiest of holidays from me and all of us here at Luxe Jeweller. To celebrate this Christmas, we’re offering a special promotion in the spring for 20% the jewellery customisation of your choosing.

If you’re interested, just reply with a 🎁, and I’ll make sure you’ll get the message when it’s time!

Want to wish your clients a Happy New Year? Check out our post on 19 WhatsApp New Year Messages for Clients in 2024 🥂 for more message templates.

Summary 🎁

To tie everything up in a bow 😉, you can take any of the above messages and edit them to suit your business and your clients.

As long as you send a message that is memorable, genuine (does not sound like it was sent by a bot), and personalised, your message will not only warm your client’s heart but also warm up that client relationship. That will increase the chances of your client buying from you, especially if you continue to follow up regularly.

When it’s time to follow-up with your customer after the Christmas holiday, you can check out our post on 20 WhatsApp follow-up messages to re-engage leads for inspiration! We include ready-to-use, customisable templates, just like we do in this article.

If you’re looking for an even more convenient way to send your holiday cheer, the Privyr app makes it super easy to load message templates and send them to multiple clients via WhatsApp, text, and more. Privyr even auto-personalises the message with your customer’s name.

Here’s how much time you have left before Christmas in your timezone. So don’t waste time! Try out the Privyr app right now and see for yourself.

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