After meeting up with an insurance lead, your next move is crucial for converting that lead into a client.

As you may know already, the sale doesn’t usually happen in that first meeting itself. So if you don’t already have a follow-up sequence for insurance leads who agreed to meet up with you – just copy ours!

A good follow-up plan is not just about asking people whether they’re ready to purchase the insurance you recommend for them at different intervals.

It’s also about building a relationship, maintaining contact, and giving them more information (and confidence) to help them decide.

Save our 5-step message sequence for insurance leads you’ve met up with:

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Use Privyr to quickly auto-personalise and send each message to your leads through WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, and more.

You can even track which message you have sent to a lead, so you will know which template you should send next.

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Follow-up #1: Thank them for meeting up with you

Send this message to your insurance lead after the meetup, ideally on the same day.

"Hi Adam, it was nice meeting you today! 🙌

Thank you so much for your time, and for letting me walk you through what ACME 360 Life Insurance offers.

Here’s a PDF summary of the coverage and premiums we discussed today.

If you have further questions, feel free to text me anytime. Have a great day!"

Do attach any documents or brochures related to your discussions during the meetup so that your lead can reference them easily.

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Follow-up #2: Ask the lead if they have considered the offer

Send this follow-up two to three days after meeting up with the lead.

"Hi Adam, hope you’re doing well! Have you had time to think more about your life insurance?

I think ACME 360 is a good choice for you, especially if you lock the policy in while you’re still young. You can enjoy affordable premiums until you turn 80.

Do you need more time or information to consider this insurance policy? 🙂"

Follow-up #3: See if the lead is up for a quick call

You or your lead might prefer to discuss some things over a phone call. Send this message two to three days after the previous follow-up to see if you can convince them to jump on a call.

"Hi Adam, how are you? Just letting you know that I’m always here to answer any questions you may still have about ACME 360 Life Insurance.

I can give you a quick call to summarise the coverage you’ll get and everything in between. I read the fine print so that you don’t have to. 💪

May I call you in *5 minutes*, or do you prefer another time?"

Follow-up #4: Try to see if the lead is ready to buy right now

If the lead stops responding to your messages, don’t worry! Send them this follow-up three to five days after your last message.

The goal is to make it super easy for the lead to respond to this message, so you can at least have some information on their current insurance-buying journey.

"Hi Adam! Just dropping in again to see if you’re still considering *ACME 360 Life Insurance*.

Let me know what you think – just send me the number that best applies to you 👇

1️⃣ I’m interested, but I need more info before deciding.
2️⃣ I’m interested, but ask me again in a week as I’m busy.
3️⃣ I’m interested, but I want other life insurance options.
4️⃣ Not interested. I already found another life insurance.

I’ll always do my best to assist you. 🙂"

Based on how the lead answers, you’ll have a better idea about what information to send them next.

Follow-up #5: Continue to send relevant offers to the lead

You’ll likely encounter some leads who disappear or stop responding, even after meeting up with you in person. But don’t worry – this doesn’t mean that you’ve lost the sale!

Maybe they’re busy, or they’re just not ready to make a decision yet. The more important thing is making sure that they remember to find you when they’re finally ready to buy insurance.

And they’re more likely to remember you if you maintain your touchpoints throughout the weeks or months when the lead is still considering their options or not actively engaging with you.

Here’s a follow-up script you could use and repurpose to re-engage the lead:

"Hi Adam, it’s been a while! You mentioned last time that you wanted to get insured because your parents are dependent on your income.

Out of curiosity, have you managed to find the right life insurance for yourself? 🙂

If not, I’m more than happy to show you a couple more policies that fit your needs and budget. No strings attached."

You can also keep in touch with your leads in the long run by sending them your wishes during the festive seasons. Save these Christmas wishes and New Year wishes for clients so you’re prepared when the time comes.


When you feel like giving up because the lead stopped replying, just remember that they already made the effort to meet up with you!

There could be other factors affecting their ability to decide on buying insurance right now, and some of those factors are in your control. 💪

At the end of the day, your biggest sales killer is not your competitors in the market. It’s the lack of consistent follow-ups that causes prospects to forget about you when they are finally ready to buy a property.

With an app like Privyr, it’s easy to save, customise, and send a follow-up sequence like the one we just shared. Stay on top of your follow-ups with automatic reminders and sales scripts for every touchpoint – auto-personalised for your clients on WhatsApp, iMessage, and more in just one click.

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