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This tool helps you bulk-send personalised WhatsApp messages to multiple people, even if you haven't added them to your phonebook.

It works with WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business on your mobile phone and laptop, and is 100% safe and free to use. 💯🆓


WhatsApp Bulk Sender Tool: Things you might want to know

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What is a bulk WhatsApp sender?

Bulk WhatsApp sender is a tool that allows you to quickly send an auto-personalised message to multiple people without adding them to your phonebook.
It can be really useful when you want to personally contact many new leads or follow up with existing clients quickly, without the hassle or limitations of a WhatsApp Broadcast List or Group Chat.

How does this bulk WhatsApp sender work?

The bulk WhatsApp sender helps you send an auto-personalised message to multiple recipients on WhatsApp privately at once. All without having to add their contact details to your phonebook. Here are the steps:

First, customise your message in the Message Template field. Remember to use the @name token in your message. It will be automatically replaced with your contact’s name when you send the message.

Next, fill out or copy-paste the Name and Phone Number of your leads or clients. Lastly, press SEND for each recipient you added. They will instantly receive your message on WhatsApp, auto-personalised with their names (they replace the @name token in your Message Template).

Remember to press send for every recipient. This is NOT a one-click WhatsApp bulk sender, because that would go against WhatsApp’s policies and regulations. Instead, this is a fast and safe alternative to unauthorised WhatsApp bulk senders.

Is using this bulk WhatsApp sender tool legal?

Yes, using this bulk WhatsApp tool is legal, as long as you use it responsibly. Avoid using it to spam or deceive people on WhatsApp. If you send messages that cause users to report your account, WhatsApp could still take action against you.

You might have read that WhatsApp does not allow the use of automatic bulk-sending, and this is true. Nevertheless, you can safely use this tool within WhatsApp’s Terms of Service, because this is NOT a one-click automated WhatsApp bulk sender. For it to work, you must press SEND for every recipient added and it will bring you to the official WhatsApp apps to complete the sending. Therefore, it is not considered an automatic bulk-sending process. And it’s still much faster than messaging each person manually.

Is using this bulk WhatsApp sender tool safe and secure?

Yes, this bulk WhatsApp sender tool is safe and secure to use. It works with the official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business mobile apps, as well as the official WhatsApp desktop application.

This tool does not have any access to your WhatsApp chats or personal data while you are using it. And you do NOT need to scan your WhatsApp QR code in order to use it. Beware of other WhatsApp bulk senders that require you to scan a QR code to access your account because this could expose your data.

Can I personalise messages sent through this WhatsApp bulk sender?

Yes, you can quickly send personalised messages with this bulk sending tool. The @name token in your message will be replaced with the name of the contact you entered.

Can I bulk send messages on WhatsApp in one click?

No, you cannot and should not bulk send WhatsApp messages in one click, unless you’re using WhatsApp’s official Broadcast feature (see limitations of Broadcast List here). Other types of one-click bulk-sending are not allowed by WhatsApp according to their Terms of Service, so if you use any one-click WhatsApp bulk sender, your account might get banned.

However, you can safely use this tool because it’s not a one-click automated WhatsApp bulk sending tool. You need to press SEND for each contact, and it goes through the official WhatsApp applications. Although it involves more clicks, using this method is safe and much more efficient than manual sending.

Can I send bulk WhatsApp messages without getting banned or blocked?

You can send bulk messages to WhatsApp contacts without getting banned or blocked, as long as you do not spam them with unsolicited messages, and avoid using unauthorised one-click automated WhatsApp bulk senders.

Are there any limitations or restrictions when using this bulk WhatsApp sender?

Yes, since this tool works with the official WhatsApp applications on mobile and desktop, it does not offer fully automated one-click bulk sending, where you only click only once to send to all recipients. You still need to press send per recipient.

This process is set like this because WhatsApp’s Terms of Service strictly prohibits the use of one-click automated bulk sending. Nevertheless, this is still a much faster way to message multiple people at one go, while staying well within WhatsApp policies. Instead of manually saving the contact details, opening a chat, and typing a WhatsApp message for each person, you only need to keep pressing the send button.

Does this tool require WhatsApp Business API to bulk send messages?

No, this tool does not require WhatsApp Business API to bulk send messages. It works with your personal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business applications on both mobile and desktop.

How is this tool different from a WhatsApp Broadcast List?

Unlike WhatsApp Broadcast List, this tool allows you to send auto-personalised messages to multiple contacts at one go – without saving them to your phonebook. They will receive your message, regardless of whether or not they’ve saved you to their phonebook.

WhatsApp Broadcast List requires you to save the leads’ contact details to your phone first. Then, you need to build a list of contacts that you want to message. The message cannot be personalised, and the person would not even receive your message if they haven’t added you to their contacts.

Does this bulk WhatsApp sender support media files like images, videos, or documents?

Unfortunately, due to WhatsApp’s in-app sharing limitations, this bulk sender can only support text, links, and emojis, and not media attachments at the moment.

Since this bulk sender opens up a chat with a specific recipient when you click send, it can only automatically fill out the message with text, links, and emojis. But you can always attach the media files while you’re sending the message or after you do so.

What are the advantages of using a bulk WhatsApp sender for my business or marketing needs?

Using this bulk WhatsApp sender, you can WhatsApp multiple people very quickly without having to add them to your phonebook or manually search for them and copy paste the message. Compared to WhatsApp’s built-in Broadcast feature, it’s more effective because your recipients don’t need to save your WhatsApp contact in order to receive your message.

Furthermore, this tool automatically personalises the message so your recipients are less likely to view your messages as generic or spammy. It’s also fully secure and doesn’t break WhatsApp’s Terms of Service. Hence, you can be confident that your data is always protected, and that you won’t get banned by WhatsApp just for using this tool.

Are there any risks or downsides associated with using a bulk WhatsApp sender?

Since this WhatsApp sender doesn’t break WhatsApp’s policies on the use of automation tools, there are no risks in using this tool, provided that you use it responsibly.

Regardless of the tools you use, do note that you could still get banned by WhatsApp if you continuously send unsolicited messages to a large number of people and many report you.

Are there any alternatives to a bulk WhatsApp sender for sending messages to multiple WhatsApp contacts?

Yes, there are some alternatives depending on who you want to message.

  1. The standard way of sending messages to multiple WhatsApp contacts is using WhatsApp’s Broadcast List. While it’s an official feature, there are some limitations with this method. Specifically, both you and your recipient need to save each other’s contact information on your phones first in order for the messages to go through.
  2. You can manually send your message one by one in WhatsApp, but this is a very time-consuming and tedious process.
  3. There are also other bulk WhatsApp senders that claim to offer one-click automated bulk-send. However, be wary of using these tools because they carry many account and security risks. First, WhatsApp explicitly bans the use of one-click send-to-all automation, so using these tools could result in a ban or legal action.
  4. If you’re a large enterprise with specific workflows, you could also use WhatsApp Business API to send bulk messages. However, note that this does not work the same way as regular WhatsApp applications, and will require a relatively complex setup process before you can start using it. Learn more about whether you need WhatsApp Business API here.

At the end of the day, you can choose the alternative that best suits your business and messaging needs. For most solopreneurs, marketers, and small to mid-sized businesses, this bulk WhatsApp sender helps them get the job done quickly without breaking any of WhatsApp’s rules.

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