Instead of generating new leads all the time, you can try to reconnect with your existing leads by sending them a follow-up message on WhatsApp (or any other channels you prefer).

You may easily discover more sales opportunities in your existing database – even if those leads haven’t engaged with you for a long time.

So how do you write a follow-up message on WhatsApp that is NOT generic and spammy? Try using one of these 20 WhatsApp follow-up message templates! 👇 We cover different sales situations, and different industries, in these examples.

Feel free to customise these templates with your products or services, and even some details about your leads or clients.

  1. Follow-up message to push product sales
  2. Follow-up message to offer your services
  3. Follow-up message to encourage appointment booking
  4. Follow-up messages for potential repeat customers
  5. Follow-up messages for leads that you haven’t spoken to in months or years

Follow-up message examples to push a product sale

Use these templates to follow up with people who have expressed interest in buying your product. Give them a gentle “reminder” that the product is still available, whether you sell high-ticket items like cars and properties, or more affordable goods.

“Hi Jake, hope you had some time to look through the brochure I sent you yesterday. Was there a specific piece of jewellery that caught your eye?

I’d love to share more about the customisation options for the piece you prefer.”

“Hey Catherine, still undecided about getting the EpicTrack S10 Treadmill for your home gym? Maybe I can help.

Out of the 5 options below, which is the most important to you when looking for a treadmill?
1️⃣ Affordable price
2️⃣ Customisable programmes
3️⃣ Heart rate monitor
4️⃣ Portable storage
5️⃣ Extended warranty services

Just reply with the number, and I’ll recommend the best model for your choice.”

“Hey Anthony, we’re currently running a Christmas Promo on the new Toyota model you were considering.

Just reply “Yes” if you’re interested in learning more and I’ll send over the details.”

Hi Emily! Just wanted to let you know that our Christmas promo for the Anti-Aging Skincare Bundle + FREE 30-day Collagen Gummies is ending this week.

Want to grab one of the last few sets as a gift to yourself or your loved ones?

Follow-up message examples to offer your services

These WhatsApp follow-up message examples can help you further promote your services to a lead. Get them interested again by reminding them of your availability and the potential benefits of booking your service.

“Hey Maya, we just launched some new day tour packages for Seoul that fit your ideal travel dates and preference.

The weather will not be too warm and it’s the best time to enjoy the stunning fall foliage.

If you’d like to see the itineraries, just reply Yes.
If your dream destination for Fall 2024 has changed, just let me know where. 😉”

“Hey Justin, hope all is well at Coles Inc. I just wanted to let you know that we’re giving an exclusive discount on our content creation packages until the end of this month.

I remember that you were looking for some help with creating content for your LinkedIn company page. Would you like to learn more about the promo?”

“Hi Lisa! Just wanted to let you know that my limited-time offer for the Corporate Headshot Package is ending this week.

If you book in your session before it ends, you’ll get complimentary makeup and hairstyling services. Do you want to grab the last spot?”

“Hey Anne, it’s Chris from ACME Fitness Studio here.

We just launched a new membership tier that includes access to our yoga and pilates classes, and our new outdoor training area with a great view of the city.

I remember that you said you wanted to integrate more pilates into your fitness routine, but we didn’t have a plan for that back then.

Would you like to have a look at the new membership plan and amenities?”

Follow-up message examples to encourage an appointment booking

Perhaps the next step in your sales funnel is to get the lead to book an appointment with you so that you can close the deal. This could be a property viewing, an online consultation, a free discovery call, and more.

Here are ways to follow up with the leads that you think are ready for this next step.

“Hi Stella, the Sales Gallery Opening for XYZ Sky Residence is happening this weekend, and we’re still doing new launch packages that offer extra rebates and fully furnished units 💰✅

📌 XYZ Sky Residence Showroom (8am – 10pm)

Reply Yes if you’d like to arrange a time for viewing this week.”

“Hey Sunny, it’s Kelly from Glow Aesthetic Clinic here. 🌸 Just wanted to let you know that there are only 3 days left to claim our Signature Lymphatic Facial Therapy for only $45.

Just reply Yes if you’re interested, and I’ll save a spot for you now.”

“Hey Ali, you might not love this, but I was just on your website and I think I may know why your website ( isn’t attracting enough qualified leads.

I’m happy to hop on a quick call to give you a free website audit – no strings attached. What do you say?”

“Hey Stella! Hope you had the chance to look at our portfolio I sent last week. If you’re interested, I’d love to share some marketing campaign ideas specifically for your ACME launch campaign.

Are you free to hop on a quick call this coming Wednesday or Thursday?”

Follow-up messages for potential repeat customers

Don’t forget about your existing customers as they could give you your next sale! In fact, you might even find it easier to sell to them, as opposed to someone who has never purchased your product or service before.

It’s good practice to be regularly following up with your customers, even after they bought from you, to drive more sales or even referrals. Warm up your current clients for a repeat purchase with these follow-up message templates.

“Hi Darren, thank you again for supporting my small business! 🌟 As a token of my gratitude, I’d like to offer you a 10% discount on your next purchase.

Check out the new arrivals in my WhatsApp catalogue and let me know if anything catches your eye!”

“Hi Cady 👋, it’s James from Digital Success Academy. Congratulations again on completing our Become a Social Media Marketing Expert from Scratch Course! Hope you learned a lot!

By the way, we have an intermediate course that dives deeper into viral marketing techniques specifically for TikTok.

Since you already completed our beginner’s program, this course is going to upgrade your skills as a Social Media Marketer even further.

Let me know if you want to see the program details. 😊”

Follow-up message for potential repeat customers in real estate:

“Hi Monica, hope you and Roscoe are settling well into your new home in Edenbrook. ✨ 

I remember you mentioned that you had a couple of properties in Dalesville that you were looking to sell, but you couldn’t engage the right agent.

Well, I currently have a couple of buyers who are very interested in Dalesville homes, and I’d be happy to connect you with them. Are you still looking to sell?”

“Hi Alan, hope all is well! Just wanted to keep you in the loop for new investment properties in Edenbrook (your favourite neighbourhood 🤩).

There’s a new luxury condo that’s launching soon – prime location with high rental yield. Would you like to see the brochure?”

Follow-up messages for leads that you haven’t spoken to in months or years

How do you write a good follow-up for people that you haven’t spoken to for a long time? You’d definitely want to avoid sounding like you have an ulterior motive for contacting them.

The key is to be as personalised as possible when trying to reconnect with them. Customise the following message templates with unique details you may remember about a lead.

“Hey Sam, Lisa from XYZ Marketing Agency here. Hope all is well!

I remembered that Flora Beauty’s new Anti-Aging Skincare Line is launching in 2 months, and you really wanted to target millennials with this new line.

Would you like to revisit how we could help you generate buzz through micro-influencers and viral short-from video content?”

“Hey Louisa, it’s been a while, but I hope your passion in building your career as a freelance copywriter is still going strong. 💪

Our academy is about to launch a new course on “How to make your first $5,000 as a freelance copywriter”, and I thought you might still be interested.

May I send you the brochure for the course?”

Follow-up message for leads you haven’t engaged with in real estate:

“Hey Chris, hope all is well with you and Sarah. I remembered that you were looking at 3-bedroom units in the Edenbrook area last year, but there weren’t any units available that came with a balcony.

There’s a brand new project that just launched in Edenbrook, and I immediately thought of you as every unit comes with a spacious balcony overlooking the city. Would you like to see the floorplans?

– Lisa from ACME Realty”

“Hey Sam, hope all is well with you and Sarah. I remembered that you were looking at superlink homes in the Edenbrook area last year, but there weren’t any units with your ideal built-up size.

I recently acquired a couple of new listings in Edenbrook with a built-up size above 2,700 sqft., and I immediately thought of you.

Would you like to see the floorplans?” 

Want more tips on how to write the perfect follow-up for leads that have gone cold? Check out our other post on how to reconnect with leads you haven’t spoken to in months (or years!).


Personalisation is the key to a good follow-up, and it goes beyond addressing a lead by their name. While you’re using one of the follow-up message templates we shared here, do add some unique details that you remember for each lead, wherever you can.

You will have better chances of getting a reply from the lead by showing that you’re not just another salesperson who is spamming your database with a generic follow-up.

Speed up your sending process with auto-personalised messages

If you have a long list of leads you want to re-engage, you might be thinking about bulk-sending your follow-up message. However, the problem with bulk-sending is that it often lacks personalisation, which means your recipients are more likely to view your message as spam.

Try using the Privyr app to send your message template to multiple leads via WhatsApp, SMS, and more – the message can be auto-personalised with your lead’s name. All you have to do is click ‘Send’ as the app automatically opens your WhatsApp chats with each lead.

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