As a real estate agent, your next step after receiving new listings is to share and promote them to as many potential buyers as possible.

Yes, this probably means running ads to find new leads, but…

Many agents ignore another sales strategy that is much simpler, which also costs nothing: promoting your new listings to your old leads.

This could be leads who came into your pipeline many weeks, months, or even years ago, but did not convert for some reason.

Whether they stopped replying, or decided not to buy the property last time, having new listings means having new opportunities to talk to them again.

Old leads can be much easier to nurture and convert than new leads, especially if your new listing is similar to the property they were looking at before.

Not sure what to say? Just copy our 3-step follow-up sequence for promoting new property listings to old leads.

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Step #1: Share the new listing with them

Avoid just sending the PDF brochure for the new property or development without an accompanying message. It’s very likely that your lead will just ignore it.

Make a better impression with this script to re-engage old leads.

"Hi Jason, hope you and your wife are well!

I remembered that you were looking at 2-bedroom apartments in Edenbrook last year, but the development wasn’t the perfect match for you.

Just wanted to share that there’s a brand new project that just launched in the area, which reminded me of you.

Located in the heart of Edenbrook with easy access to major highways, this development boasts units that are spacious and luxurious. 🤩

Would you like to see the floorplans?

- Lisa, ACME Realty"

By the way, here’s one very important rule that we follow when creating this first message…

If you’re trying to reconnect with leads you haven’t spoken to in months (or years), it helps to send them a more personalised message instead of a generic one that’s obviously being bulk-sent. This will increase your chances of successfully reconnecting and getting a sale.

Step #2: Find out what they’re interested in now

If they don’t reply, send this message two or three days after the previous follow-up.

Maybe the lead is not interested in your new listing because their preferences have changed over time. So you should try to understand what their current interests are to keep the conversation alive.

"Hi Jason! The last time we spoke, you said you were looking for apartments in Edenbrook for your family. Has that changed?

Send me the number of the response you’re thinking about? 👇

1️⃣ Give me more info on the newly launched Edenbrook apartment.
2️⃣ I want to look at properties in another location:
3️⃣ Not looking to buy property right now.

Thanks and have a great day! ☀️ "

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Step #3: Send them festive greetings or other listings

If the lead ignores you or tells you they’re no longer interested in buying property, you should still keep in touch with them, given that they didn’t ask you to stop contacting them.

You can maintain your touchpoints by: 

  1. Sending them festive greetings every year, like Christmas wishes, New Year wishes for clients).
  2. Sharing other new listings relevant to them – just repurpose the scripts in Step #1 and #2 of this article!

They may continue to ignore you for a long time, but you still have the chance to get the sale when they’re ready to buy – but only IF they remember you months or years later.

The way to make sure they remember you is by maintaining your touchpoints.

"Hi Jason, as the year comes to a close, I want to express my gratitude for your trust and support in me as your real estate representative.

🎆 Wishing you an amazing 2024 filled with joy and great successes!

Send my best regards to your wife as well.

– Lisa, ACME Realty"

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At the end of the day, your biggest sales killer is not your competitors in the market. It’s the lack of consistent follow-ups that causes prospects to forget about you when they are finally ready to buy a property.

Follow up regularly, and you can turn those seemingly uninterested leads into customers. Copy and use our message sequences so you don’t have to worry about how to get the conversation going. Easy-peasy!

With an app like Privyr, it’s easy to import, customise, and send a follow-up sequence like the one we just shared. Stay on top of your follow-ups with automatic reminders and sales scripts for every touchpoint – auto-personalised for your clients on WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, and more in just one click.

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