Stuck on how to wish your business contacts a happy Easter? 🤔 Wonder no more! We’ve compiled the best Happy Easter holiday messages to clients in this post. Whether your clients personally celebrate Easter or simply live in a market where Easter is a major holiday, we have the right message for you. 💐

All you have to do is save and personalise our templates, to make sending Happy Easter wishes a breeze in 2024. 🐰🐣

Major holidays like Easter are a great time to send festive greetings to your clients. Spreading the festive spirit is a great way to connect with your prospects, no matter how long you’ve known them. With the right message, you can even re-engage a lead you haven’t spoken to in months or even years, warming them back up for potential sales in the future.

But no one likes to get spammed with a generic “Happy Easter!”

Remember – reaching out to clients on a holiday is a great practice that you can and should be doing! But your message will likely be reaching your prospect, alongside messages from friends, family – and even your competitors.

Stand out from the crowd with these seasonal Easter holiday messages. We’ve included examples for multiple occasions. All you have to do is save and edit the message to include details about your client and/or your business.

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From there, you can directly send your Easter wishes to your clients via WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, and more. Privyr will even auto-personalise each message with your client’s name. 🙌

With Privyr, sending Happy Easter holiday wishes to clients is super quick and easy. If you don’t have a Privyr account, you can create one here and begin copying and sending right away.

Happy Easter wishes to clients who celebrate Easter

Do you have clients who you know celebrate Easter personally? Use these templates to send them Happy Easter wishes that will capture the spirit of the season.

"Hi Chandra,

Happy Easter to you, Rob, Stacey, and Fluffy! Best of luck on the community Easter egg hunt. 🥚👀 (I’m rooting for Stacey!)

Have a bright and beautiful holiday. 💐🐰"

"Hi Sam,

Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed, beautiful Easter, filled with community, fellowship, and sweet moments (and sweet treats!). 🍬

Filled with gratitude to serve as your family’s choice of travel agent. If you ever need anything, just ping me! 💐"

"Hey Josh,

Wishing you, Sarah, and your mom a warm, blessed Easter full of sweet treats and heartfelt moments. 🍫☀️ Please send my gratitude to your mom for the cupcakes!

It’s an honour to help you and your family plan for their future. Enjoy your holiday! 💐

SecureLife Insurance"

Seasonal Happy Easter holiday messages to clients

Perhaps you’re unsure if your client celebrates Easter, but they get days off work for the holiday because of where they live and work. You can use these message templates to send a seasonal Easter holiday message to these prospects.

"Wishing you a happy Easter weekend, Maria! Can you believe it’s been another year? I can’t believe Ana’s nearly finished with the school year! 💐

Enjoy your break, and if you have any questions about Ana’s tuition or studies, I’m always here for you.

LionTots Tuition & More"

"Hi Daniel,

Hope you’re enjoying the long Easter weekend and catching a well-deserved break. Sending my best to you, Mia, and Baby Issac.

We all need rest to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. I’ll see you bright & early next week at personal training. 💪"

"Hi Joy,

Happy long Easter weekend! 💐 I hope you and your favourite people are having a restorative break. ☀️

Thanks so much for booking a course with us! If you or anyone you know feels like they need to upskill to get ahead in the job market, you know where to find me. "

Easter holiday messages to clients to offer a promotion

Holidays are a great time to offer a sale or promotion to get people more interested in your product or service! If you’re running a sale, you can use these Easter sale message templates to invite customers to participate in your offer – without sounding too much like a hard sell.

"Hi Sara,

Happy Easter weekend 🐰🐣 – hope you and Brownie 🐶 are getting those long runs in together!

Wanted to let you know that to celebrate the return of spring, we’re offering a *free set of Biotin gummies* with every annual subscription renewal, a $35 value!

Just reply *Yes* to get this offer – it’s good for the next three months. Enjoy!"

"Wishing you a bright and relaxing Easter weekend, Tristan! 🐣

It’s been a while since I’ve heard from you, but I wanted to share that at Photo Bright Associates, we’re offering a promotion for the next two weeks to celebrate – *30% off group photo packages*.

So if you and your loved ones, you and your friends, or you and your pets want to have a studio session, just reply *Yes*, and I’ll send over the promo code to book online. 😊"

"Happy Easter, Amy! 🐰I know holidays can be stressful, so feel free to take a load off with *20% off all catering orders* for the next month.

When you order online, just use my code *20CHERYL*. Have a great day! 😊"

Here’s how much time is left before Easter in your timezone, so it’s time to get sending!

How to quickly send personalised Easter greetings to many clients

What if you want to send Happy Easter holiday wishes to a lot of clients and leads?

Great news 🌟! Privyr helps you send auto-personalised Happy Easter wishes, quickly and easily. Just click “Personalise This Template” under the templates above to save the message into your Privyr account.

From there, you can send the message to clients in your app.

How to send your Happy Easter holiday messages to clients using the Privyr app
Once you save the templates into your Privyr account, you can send your Easter holiday messages to clients via WhatsApp and other messaging apps like this. The Privyr app will even auto-personalise the greeting with your client’s name.

You can even press hold and select multiple contacts on your Client List to send a single Easter holiday greeting to multiple clients in succession.

How to send your Happy Easter holiday messages to many clients using the Privyr app's bulk sending feature
Privyr’s bulk sending feature makes it easy to send your Easter greetings to many clients via WhatsApp and other messaging apps, in just a few taps. Each message will be auto-personalised.

With Privyr, it’s easier to keep in touch with your clients with follow-ups and festive greetings – for Easter, Christmas, New Year, and other holidays – in just a few taps.

Before you hop away…🐰

You can use and edit any of the Happy Easter holiday wishes to clients in this article to suit your business and clients. Just touch up your favourite greetings, and you’re set to spread the Easter spirit!

Keeping in touch during Easter can increase the chances of your client buying from you.

Keeping in touch during major festivals can also warm up your client relationship, which will increase the chances of your client buying from you, especially if you continue to follow up regularly.

If you’re looking for inspiration for future follow-ups, check out our post on 20 WhatsApp follow-up messages to re-engage leads. You can copy and download those templates, just like the Easter greetings above.

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