Many realtors know the struggle of getting new real estate leads who are competitors! In this article, we’ll go through how to look up your leads so you can tell if they are a realtor registered in Singapore.

Then, we’ll show you an faster, easier way to do this without leaving your Privyr app. 🪄📱

If you’re a real estate agent, you’ve probably experienced a situation where you receive new leads. Then, you send out your initial WhatsApp message, property brochures, and floor plans. Maybe you even follow up with that lead several times.

And then, after spending that time and effort trying to figure out who this lead is and how they fit into your sales funnel, you find out that it’s not a person looking to buy property at all. It’s a fellow co-broker or colleague – or even a competitor looking to snoop about you, your listings, and your sales materials. 😵

Realtors when they find out their shiny new leads are actually three rival realtors in a trenchcoat.

How annoying is that? Not only have you wasted time, effort, and possibly ad spend on your competition, but you’ve also sent them your sales scripts and your content, which they are now successfully checking out, courtesy of you. 💀

Your time is valuable. So, wouldn’t it be great if there was some way to tell if your lead was a realtor before you sent them all of those materials? That way, you would only need to concentrate on more qualified leads – with whom you may actually land a sale!

Good news – you don’t need to be a detective to figure this out. So, let’s crack open this case! 🕵️

How to use Singapore’s CEA database to find out if your new real estate leads are competitors 👀

Luckily, Singapore’s Council for Estate Agencies keeps an online database of all of its registered real estate agents, with details that include:

  • Name
  • Registration Number
  • Phone Number
  • Property Transaction History

While the CEA database primarily exists for clients to verify who their real estate agents are, realtors can also search this register, created by the government for the public. If their new lead’s phone number matches someone in the registry, they know that their lead is a licensed real estate agent in Singapore. Case solved! 🙌

Is there a faster way to look up my new leads without having to manually check their numbers in the database every time? 🤔

Yes, there is!

The best part is that you can look them up against the CEA database without ever leaving your Privyr app.

How to use Privyr to more quickly and easily find out if your new real estate leads are your competition ✅

If you’re a real estate agent in Singapore using Privyr CRM, then checking your leads in the CEA database is super simple. In fact, you get do it in seconds, in just a few taps! What’s more, Privyr’s CEA Public Register Lookup feature doesn’t require you to switch between apps or copy and paste a phone number.

Here’s a video explaining how it works:

If you want, you can even check your leads before you reach out to them for the first time using Privyr, to save maximum time and effort.

If you want, you can even check your leads before you reach out to them for the first time. It only takes a few seconds!

If you don’t have a Privyr account yet, you can get started here for free and immediately begin receiving leads to your account from your existing lead sources. The CEA Public Register Lookup feature is exclusive to Privyr Pro users in Singapore. 🌟

Simply pull up a Lead or Client Entry, and you’ll find the CEA Public Register Lookup feature under Options. If the phone number of your prospect matches that of a registered realtor, the app will let you know instantly.

The data is checked live against the CEA database’s official public data, so you’ll know that your information is accurate.

Privyr even gives you the option to view the realtor’s details in the CEA database, in one tap.

What else can Privyr do for real estate agents? 🏡

The CEA Public Register Lookup feature is just one of the many features Privyr has built-in to help real estate agents turn their leads into clients. Check out an example of an auto-personalised follow-up sequence that realtors can send to their leads from Privyr, via WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, and other popular messaging apps.

Privyr also isn’t just for sending text messages. You can also use Privyr to send media-rich content  – such as event pages or brochures to your clients, and track when and how long your clients view it.

Perhaps you’ll also want to hear from a fellow real estate agent. Here’s how Paul Teo from PropNex uses a combination of Privyr features to save 30% of his time on work tasks.

When you spend less time on manual tasks and unqualified leads, you can spend more time nurturing leads and converting them into sales. 🥳 

Try Privyr today and improve the way you work in real estate!

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