Are you reaching out to new leads who saw your online advertisement or website, only to get no replies? While that’s super frustrating, it’s important not to give up on them even if they ignore your first follow-up.

Most leads are only ready to convert after at least five interactions with a salesperson, but most realtors ‌only follow up once.

If you’re struggling to follow up consistently with your new real estate leads, just copy our strategy and scripts – perfect to send over WhatsApp and more! Don’t lose out on those leads who would’ve said “yes” if they were nurtured sufficiently.

Save our easy 5-step follow-up sequence to warm up your new real estate leads

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Introduction Message: Thank them for reaching out

Send this right after they express interest in your real estate offering, whether it’s by responding to your online advertisement or by filling out a form on your website.

Your first message to a new lead should be easy to read and reply to within 10 seconds. People are far more likely to respond if they don’t have to think too much about it, especially if your message catches them at a busy time.

“Hey Rita, thanks for showing interest in Golden Gardens Condo! Sandra from ACME Realty here, at your service.

This resort-style luxury condo in Edenbrook is now in pre-launch phase with many exciting early-bird perks. 🤩 May I send you the brochure?”

Of course, there are other benefits in making sure that your first outreach is short and does not contain any links or attachments – even if you’re tempted to send them all the details at once. Learn more about the 10-second rule of sales messaging here.

Follow-up #1: Ask them if they had the time to consider your offer

Maybe a lead doesn’t engage with you after you’ve contacted them or you’ve sent them the brochure. Your next follow-up can be a quick check-in to see if they’ve thought more about your offer.
Framing the message this way shows that you’re being proactive and enthusiastic – in just the right way so you don’t appear too pushy or opportunistic.

“Hi Rita, hope your day is going great! ☀️ Did you have time to look through the brochure I sent you?

By the way, the pre-launch event for Golden Gardens is happening this weekend, and we’re still doing early-bird packages that offer extra cash rebates, free stamp duty, and fully furnished units.

Reply Yes if you’d like to arrange a time for viewing this week.

📍 Golden Gardens Showroom (8am – 10pm daily)”

Follow-up #2: Gather more insights into their ideal property

At this point, you may encounter leads who don’t show deep interest anymore, or don’t seem like they’re ready to move forward with the next step (e.g. book a viewing).

In your next follow-up, you could try gathering some information about their unique interests or requirements for buying property.

How many rooms do they want? What is their budget? Are they buying for themselves or as an investment? Once again, keep the message simple and easy to respond to!

“Hey Rita! I have a quick question about your interest in Golden Gardens Condo. Which would be your preferred layout?

1️⃣ Studio Unit
2️⃣ 2-Bedroom Unit
3️⃣ 3-Bedroom Unit

Just send me the number, and I’ll send you the floorplan and details for the unit that fits your requirements. 🙂”

💡Pro-tip: If the lead responds with more details, remember to quickly record this detail in your contact notes. This will be super useful later when you have new listings or projects and want to share it with them.

Follow-up #3: See if they are up for a quick phone call

Some leads could be more receptive to having a quick chat over the phone. After all, there are people who prefer talking about their property requirements over typing them.

Here’s a follow-up to help you set up that call. Before you call a lead, always give them context as to what the call is about. If you do this, they’re less likely to feel ambushed or overwhelmed by the call request.

“Hi Rita, happy weekend! The Golden Gardens Condo Pre-Launch is happening now. 🙌 

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about this development, or even just general house-hunting concerns.

Would you be free for a quick 2-min call today or in the next few days? You can tell me more about your property requirements, so I can match you with the perfect unit. 🤝

Let me know a time that works for you.”

Follow-up #4: Send them a similar offer

Maybe the lead is still not moving forward in their buying journey, even after all your follow-up attempts. But you still have many chances to turn them into a buyer in the long run, especially in real estate where the sales cycle could run months or even years.

They may not be ready to buy now, but they will eventually want to buy – it’s a natural progression of life. If you keep in touch with them and continue making a positive impression, they’ll remember you when the time is right and give you that sale.

“Hey Rita, hope you’ve been doing great! I remembered that you were looking into Golden Gardens Condo before, and I thought you might be interested in this new project that just launched.

It’s located in the prime location of Holliswell, and it’s also a luxury condo with a resort living concept. The main difference is they have bigger units and lower density than the Golden Gardens project.

May I send you the brochure for this new project?

– Sandra from ACME Realty”

Check out this post for more WhatsApp follow-up messages (plus ideas from other industries).


Sales rarely happen in your first interaction with a new lead, especially when it comes to high-ticket items like properties.

By maintaining a consistent follow-up schedule with them, even if they never respond to your message, you can easily turn “bad leads” into buyers.

The idea is simple: be memorable and available when a lead is finally ready to make the purchase. You can achieve this by remembering to send them a quick follow-up message at regular intervals.

With an app like Privyr, it’s easy to import and customise a follow-up sequence like the one above. Stay on top of your follow-ups with automatic reminders and sales scripts for every touchpoint – auto-personalised for your clients on WhatsApp, iMessage, and more in just one click.

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