Paul saves 30% of his time spent as a real estate agent in Singapore by using Privyr. Customer Stories & Case Study

With Privyr, Paul Teo from PropNex Realty in Singapore found more than just a CRM to help him download contacts from ads running on social media – he also discovered a personal assistant and customer service patron, all in one


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Team Size

20, part of a large group
of 700 (PropNex)

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Instantly Receiving & Contacting New Leads
Quick Responses via WhatsApp
Follow-Up Reminders
File Sharing & Tracking
Lead Management & CRM

Paul Teo manages a district at PropNex Realty, the largest real estate agency in Singapore with over 12,000 agents. Singapore has one of the highest home ownership rates in the world. This makes the county a highly competitive property market with first-time homeowners and upgraders – as well as thousands of new property agents – joining the market yearly.

Paul has over a decade and a half of experience in Singapore’s fast-paced market, where he is passionate about client service as well as passing on updates and education about the country’s real estate landscape.

With no plans to slow down any time soon, Paul is always looking for new ways to work smarter. In turn, he wants to pass that information along to junior real estate agents. In Privyr, he found a powerful tool that can keep up with his dynamic industry.


“After about 15 years, I realised my phonebook was going to explode.”

As a real estate agent in Singapore, “busy” simply means “normal” for Paul. A decade and a half in the industry had left him with over 4,000 contacts at various stages of buying, selling, and level of interest.

Paul had tested many CRMs to help him keep on top of all the outreach, follow-up messages, and content he had to send. However, he found that none of them seemed to fit the life of a busy real estate agent.

Discovering Privyr

“Privyr feels like it is custom-made for realtors.”

A contact of Paul’s was running ads for him and recommended Privyr as a solution to more quickly export leads gathered through social media lead sources. Through Privyr, these prospects would be downloaded directly to Paul and other team members’ Privyr accounts. This saved a huge amount of time and effort.

What Paul didn’t know was that Privyr was going to get Paul much more than he bargained for. Through the app, he would eventually claim back 30% of the time he used to spend carrying out his tasks in real estate.


“Privyr is like a personal assistant that anticipates our needs and gives us solutions ahead of our problems.”

By using Privyr, Paul not only found a way to more quickly export leads but also discovered that Privyr’s features helped with his other tasks. For example, the app helped him figure out which prospects were most interested in buying.

With Privyr, tasks such as downloading contacts, sending out content, and tracking clients’ interests, took way less time. Paul could take that time saved and spend it on leads that required the most attention and were most willing to buy.

Paul’s Story

“With Privyr, we were able to work more closely and attentively with our clients.”

Case Study: Paul saves 30% of his time in the real estate industry by using Privyr
Paul (bottom right) and some of his team members.

Singapore has one of the highest home ownership rates in the world – 89.7% as of 2023. Paul works across multiple properties and people. With many potential buyers looking to upgrade their current dwellings, Paul can do any one or all of these tasks during a typical day:

  • Consulting with clients along the sales funnel about upgrading their current homes or purchasing additional properties
  • Conducting webinars and other trainings about Singapore’s real estate market, then taking sales forward with interested attendees
  • Mentoring and working in partnership with team members
  • Creating podcasts, reels, and other content for his online marketing efforts

For him, a sales cycle is long: one to 10 months, depending on the type of property involved. So, it’s even more important that he and his team stay on top of all of their leads and clients.

“Privyr freed my time up by about 30%.”

To keep things running smoothly, Paul separates his prospects into three groups:

  1. 🟢 Group 1: Active prospects who are ready to engage with the real estate market
  2. 🟡 Group 2: Ready prospects who have less of a sense of urgency than their Active peers, and want to get regular market updates without getting calls every two to three days
  3. 🟠 Group 3: Unsure prospects who may not be ready for the market today but may be ready in the future

Privyr’s pop-up Follow-Up Reminders help Paul remember when to reach out to prospects. This way, he’s reaching out just enough to keep the lead engaged, without annoying them.

Paul focuses most of his time on Group 1(Active) and Group 2 (Ready). However, he notes how important it is to keep in contact with Group 3 (Unsure) contacts. By keeping in regular contact with them, he helps ensure he will be top-of-mind when they are ready to buy.

Paul uses Privyr’s Quick Responses feature to reach out to less-ready leads with regular updates. These messages are auto-personalised with the contact’s name.

Using Privyr to better serve clients without looking invasive

Privyr’s Content Tracking Features really help to more accurately categorise prospects for Paul and his team.

Through Privyr’s Files and Pages, Paul gets an instant notification when clients are viewing the content he has sent them. He also gets a detailed history of when the client viewed it and how long they viewed it for.

“With Privyr, we were able to be more sensitive, particularly with more interested clients,” says Paul. “We knew when to follow-up with Files and knew more about what clients were thinking. It helped us connect with them better.”


“I always tell junior members that it’s not the amount of time you put into real estate. It’s the quality of time you put into real estate.”

Paul emphasises that having a good CRM isn’t just about having the best tool – it’s more about how to best use that tool to fit your business.

For him, what sets Privyr apart from other CRMs is that its features – and its ready-to-assist customer success team – make clear to on-ground agents how they can be successful.

“Sometimes, the challenge [when you have a personal assistant] is that they ask you to let them know what you need. Privyr’s features let me know what I need before I think to ask,” says Paul. “Privyr is like a personal assistant that anticipates our needs and gives us solutions ahead of our problems.”

From helping Paul manage his client communications to letting him know which prospects are most interested, Privyr helps Paul know to best spend his time. That helps him provide his clients with the best possible service.

Learn more about Paul.

Paul’s story is just one of many customer successes with Privyr

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