So you’re running Facebook Lead Ads and you need a quicker way to access your leads. That could mean setting up instant alerts on your phone, your email, or even a Google Sheet that automatically captures new lead information as they come in.

Facebook Ads Face Off: Privyr vs Zapier

You’ve likely considered Zapier, which is an amazing tool, but unfortunately their free plan doesn’t include the Facebook Lead Ads integration. On top of that, every time you run a new ad, you need to repeat the steps of telling Zapier to create these lead alerts and to send the lead information to your email or your spreadsheet.

And that’s what you get each time: instant lead alerts for one specific Lead Form, and a spreadsheet filled with new contact details that you still need to go through manually. It gets the job done, but is there a way to reach your leads faster?

The answer is yes! Here is a free alternative to Zapier that lets you easily check your Facebook leads on your phone (or laptop), complete with instant lead alerts and one-touch follow-ups.

Privyr is a free Zapier alternative that pings you instantly when you receive new Facebook leads so you can jump into action immediately. Lead alerts are instant, unlimited, and 100% free forever. No credit card needed.

You can use Privyr to access and contact your Facebook leads quickly without any tedious manual work. It takes less than 15 seconds to connect all your Facebook pages and Lead Forms right from the Privyr app. And more importantly, you get unlimited instant lead alerts for your active Facebook Lead Ads, for free!

Every time there’s a new lead, you’ll receive an instant alert on your phone, and you can simply tap to view all the lead details. You can even call or send them an auto-personalised message within seconds via WhatsApp, SMS, or iMessage. No need to type, copy-paste, or save to your phonebook. You’ll find it incredibly easy to capitalise on the golden rule of contacting your fresh leads within 15 minutes to significantly increase their chances of replying to you.

Is Privyr really free to use? Or is it just a free trial for 14 days?

If you just want to receive and view your leads instantly, Privyr is completely free to use forever. On the free plan, you can:

  • Receive and view unlimited leads instantly on your phone or laptop.
  • Connect unlimited lead sources like Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, and more for automatic lead alerts.
  • Instantly share and distribute your leads with unlimited recipients.

In short, Privyr is the perfect alternative to Zapier if you want a simple and free tool to help you quickly access your leads on your phone or any other device – right at the moment your prospect submits their interest. You can even connect Privyr to multiple sources where you generate leads, such as Google Ads, TikTok Ads, WordPress websites, JotForm, and more.

Zapier vs Privyr: Key Differences You Should Know

Goal✅ Get instant Facebook lead notifications✅ Get instant Facebook lead notifications
What is Free?❌ Free plan does not include the Facebook Lead Ads integration.✅ Free plan provides unlimited lead alerts and unlimited integrations to different lead sources, including Facebook Lead Ads.
Best Use Case– Your organization has complex workflows and uses many different tools for your day-to-day work.
– You need a system to connect all your systems together and share information across multiple departments and platforms, either in a single-step or multi-step process.
– You just need a simple tool to access, manage, and contact leads from your phone or laptop.
– You’re a small business, marketer, or salesperson who wants something that’s easy to use.
– You might also have a need for customer relationship management (CRM).
Free vs. Paid PlansA paid subscription is necessary to use Zapier with Facebook Lead Ads. Subscription plans start from $19.99 USD and increase as you have more leads and tasks.The free forever tier includes unlimited instant lead alerts and distribution for Facebook Lead Ads and many other lead sources. No credit card or payment is needed on the free tier. Unlimited access and usage on Privyr Pro.
Setting Up Instant Lead AlertsYou need to connect Zapier to every new Lead Ad and Lead Form. Each time you also need to tell Zapier what to do when a new lead comes in (e.g. send it to your email or your spreadsheet), and then manually map each field of the lead form.You can connect Privyr to all your Facebook Pages and Lead Forms within 15 seconds; no need to manually map or configure fields or destination systems.
Contacting New LeadsWhen you receive a lead alert, you still need to add their contact to your phonebook and send them a message manually by typing or copy-pasting.When you receive a lead alert, you never have to save their contact to your phonebook manually. Just click to send them an auto-personalised message via apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, or SMS within seconds.
Additional FeaturesSince Zapier is simply a connector tool that sends data from one system to another, you’ll still need a “destination” system to access your leads from (e.g Gmail, Google Sheets, or a CRM). 

Additional features will depend on the destination system. For example, sending leads to Gmail will give you instant alerts via the Gmail app. However, sending leads to a Google Sheet may not alert you when a new lead comes in.
As a mobile CRM, Privyr offers many features and benefits beyond instant lead alerts, including:

⭐ Send an unlimited number of auto-personalised messages, files, and pages to your leads.
⭐ Enjoy unlimited lead and client management from your phone or laptop.
⭐ Track the interests of your leads, know whenever they open a file or page you sent them, how many times they viewed it, and even how long they spent looking at it.
⭐ … and more!

Still deciding whether Zapier is right for you?

Zapier is powerful but it is not a standalone solution. It simply helps you create connections among other tools you use daily – tools that would otherwise not communicate with one another. As the user, you still need to go into Zapier each time to configure how each connection should work. For busy salespeople and marketers, it might be difficult to set aside time to do all that, manage multiple systems, and still have to contact your leads manually at the end of the day.

If you already have a complex set of software platforms that are working well (or required by your company) – such as a CRM, Marketing Automation tools, and several spreadsheets – then Zapier may be your best bet to connect them to Facebook and support the current processes.

However, if your main goal is to quickly access and contact your Facebook leads, then you can give Privyr a try. In addition to receiving instant lead alerts, you also get to speed up your lead nurture and conversion processes.

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How to connect Privyr to my Facebook Lead Ads

Ready to get started? You can do so under a minute:

  1. Create a Privyr account. It’s free and no credit card is required.
  2. Download and log into Privyr on Android or iOS (or use the web version).
  3. Connect your Facebook account and select the Facebook Page(s) to receive leads from. You’ll also have the option to import past leads.

That’s it! Now the next time someone submits interest through your Facebook ads, you’ll get an instant ping on your phone with the full lead details, with the option to call or send an auto-personalised message in one tap. And you’ll always be able to find and view their contact details quickly on Privyr.

Boost your lead conversion rates with Privyr 🚀

When you use Privyr as your daily CRM tool, you can:

  1. Manage your leads and clients from your phone, without having to be tied to your laptop or spreadsheets.
  2. Reach out to your leads the moment they submit their interest – before they forget or lose interest.
  3. Send personalized messages without manually typing or copy-pasting. Turn that spammy, impersonal “Dear Sir/Madam” to Hey Erica 👋” to connect better with your leads.
  4. Get automatic reminders to follow up with leads after a few days, building that long-term relationship from cold lead to customer without adding too much effort.

Special Bonus: Send unlimited auto-personalised messages via WhatsApp or text message to your leads for 2 weeks.

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