Facebook permissions and settings can be complicated especially if you’re managing multiple Facebook Pages and team members using Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads Manager. What’s worse is sometimes your Page permissions suddenly change and you can no longer access your leads, view your campaign or asset details, or manage your Page anymore. 

Whether you’re managing someone else’s Facebook Page or working on your own, missing a Facebook Page role is a common issue among marketers. It can be really frustrating when you’re in the middle of a campaign and you suddenly lose control of your Page; your role changes and you become a moderator. 

Facebook page roles missing and looking for a fast solution to take back control of your page? This article is for you.

Let’s discuss the issues and how to fix them.    

Table of Contents:
Issue 1: Your Facebook account has missing permissions
Issue 2: Multiple Facebook accounts causing confusion
Issue 3: The security setting for a personal account is not suitable anymore
Final words   

Issue 1: Your Facebook account has missing permissions

Sometimes, accidental changes to your roles can limit your control of a Facebook Page. If other people have access to your Page as an admin, they can change your roles even if you’re the one who created the Facebook Page. Your permissions can also be edited and you’ll lose your admin rights if your Page is being managed in Facebook Business Manager.

When your role is changed to a moderator or lower, you won’t have control of your Page as you have had as an admin.    

How to solve it 

Typically in such cases, you can regain your control by getting an admin to update your Page role to admin. However, it may not work on some occasions. In that case, you’ll have to ask other admins to delete you from the Page roles and reassign you as an admin. If you’re the solo admin, add someone trusted as an admin, tell them to delete you, and then reassign you as an admin.

Issue 2: Multiple Facebook accounts causing confusion 

If you have multiple Facebook accounts with the same or similar names, it’s quite common to get them mixed up and end up logging into the wrong account with insufficient access. This can be counted the same as the Facebook account having missing permissions but is a lot trickier to detect since the Page settings would show your other Facebook account(s) has full access. 

How to solve it

First, you need to be aware that having multiple Facebook accounts with identical names is causing confusion about permissions. You can sort this out by granting full permissions to your other Facebook account(s) or ensuring you’re logged into and using the correct Facebook account with full access 

Issue 3: The security setting for a personal account is not suitable anymore

Some posts can unexpectedly go viral and reach a huge audience. While it’s a great achievement, you may lose control of your Page because of the very reason. It’s because Facebook has different security settings for Pages with a wider audience reach. Facebook regards Pages with posts that have great outreach as ones vulnerable to bot attacks (and hacks) and automatically restricts their access as means to protect them from malicious attacks.

When a post reaches a large audience, Facebook might automatically limit your Page roles if it’s a personal account.  

How to solve it

You can solve this Facebook page role missing issue by changing the security setting on your personal account to two-factor authentication. Adding a two-factor authentication on your personal account is fairly simple. Here’s how you can do it:  

  1. Log in to business.facebook.com
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Navigate to Business Info
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll see Two-Factor Authentication 
  5. Either add your phone number to set up an authentication text message to your phone or add Google QR

This way, Facebook will know who you are and allow you to continue working on your Page. 

Final words

It’s really important to be consistent with your marketing activities on Facebook if you’re planning to reach more customers and improve sales. That’s why having uninterrupted access to your Facebook Pages is so crucial. However, if you’re not careful enough with settings and permissions, you might well get locked out of your own Facebook Pages without notice. 

Whether you’re running ads to promote your products or services or posting regular content to grow your brand, it can be frustrating when you suddenly lose control of your page. Therefore, it’s best to acknowledge the possible issues that may arise with Facebook page permission and solve them beforehand. Two-factor authentication is not only important to resolve your page permission issues, it also secures your Page.      

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Why can’t I see page roles on Facebook?

You may not be able to see your page roles on Facebook because of thee major issues. They are: 1. Your Facebook account has missing permissions, 2. Your multiple Facebook accounts are causing confusion, and 3. The security setting for your personal account is not suitable anymore.

What is page roles on Facebook 2023?

Facebook page roles are different types of permissions that allow people to manage a Facebook page in different ways.

Why I cannot add a new page role on Facebook?

The major reason behind you not being able to add a new page role of Facebook is because you have missing permissions. It mostly happens because of accidental changes to your roles.

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