Can’t find IndiaMART CRM key while trying to integrate your IndiaMART account with a CRM? We’re here to help!

IndiaMART CRM key

IndiaMART is a great platform for India-based B2B businesses to connect with their potential customers across the country. If you’re looking to connect your IndiaMART account to a CRM, the steps should be simple and straightforward. However, a CRM-IndiaMART integration is not possible without a CRM key from IndiaMART, and not being able to generate and/or find the key can be frustrating. 

In this post, we’ll explain how to find the IndiaMART CRM key and easily connect a CRM to your IndiaMART account. 

What is IndiaMART?

IndiaMART is a B2B marketplace for small and medium businesses based in India, connecting businesses from various industries to their customers. It allows suppliers to list their products and services so that interested buyers can search through the listings and contact suppliers directly. The platform can be a great place to find leads and boost your sales as it boasts over 175 million users.

Apart from serving as a platform for buying and selling, IndiaMART also offers services like lead generation and payment solutions. The platform acts as a bridge connecting manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters with relevant buyers, helping them to communicate and transact seamlessly.

Where to find IndiaMART CRM key

The IndiaMART CRM key is available in your CRM integration page of IndiaMART account. You can access it directly by visiting

You can also find your CRM key on your account by navigating to Privacy settings under My Dashboard.  

Each time you generate a new CRM key, it should be emailed to your email account registered with IndiaMART. However, do note that a CRM key will only be valid for 15 hours. Your CRM key will no longer work if you try to integrate a CRM to your IndiaMART account after 15 hours of generating it. In that case, you’ll need to generate a new key. This doesn’t mean you’ll need to generate a new CRM key every 15 hours even after integrating a CRM with IndiaMART. You’re all set once you’ve successfully connected your CRM to IndiaMART.

How to integrate IndiaMART with a CRM

Connecting a CRM with IndiaMART is easy. Here’s your step-by-step guide to do it:

Step 1. Generate a CRM key in your IndiaMART account 

To generate a CRM key, log into your IndiaMART account and go to My Dashboard from the dropdown menu of your profile settings. Then, click privacy settings. In privacy settings, you’ll find a CRM key. Click on Generate key.

A new settings window will open. Go to CRM Key Generation tab. Click on Generate Key. A CRM key will be generated. The key will also be emailed to your registered email address.

You can also access the CRM key generation page directly by visiting

Step 2. Find IndiaMART on your CRM 

Some CRMs like Privyr allow direct IndiaMART integration. If your CRM doesn’t allow this featrure, you can always use a tool like Zapier or Pabbly Connect to connect your CRM to IndiaMART.

To find IndiaMART on your CRM, go to the integration list and look for IndiaMART. There should also be a search option. Find IndiaMART and click or tap on it. 

Step 3. Integrate the two systems

Once you find and click on IndiaMART on your CRM’s integration list, it will ask for a CRM key (or API key). Paste the CRM key that you just generated in Step 1. 

Voila! You’ve now connected your CRM with IndiaMART.   

How to receive IndiaMART leads on your mobile

Receiving IndiaMART leads on mobile can be fantastic if you’re a small business that mainly runs your sales process from your mobile phone. You’ll be able to contact your leads quickly and manage them from wherever you are.

The good news is that you can receive these leads on your mobile with the help of a mobile-first CRM like Privyr. All you need to do is integrate Privyr with your IndiaMART account. Here’s how to do it. 

Step 1. Sign up with privyr

Visit and create your Privyr account. 

Step 1. Download Privyr on your smartphone and sign in

Privyr is available on both iOS and Android devices. Download the app on your mobile and sign in with your account. 

Step 2. Generate a CRM key on your IndiaMART account

Log into your IndiaMART account and go to My Dashboard. Then go to Privacy settings and find CRM integration. Click on Generate Key. A CRM key will be generated. The key will also be emailed to your registered email address.

Alternatively, visit to access the CRM key generation page. 

Step 3. Connect IndiaMART through Privyr Integration page

Open your Privyr App and go to the Integrations tab.

Find IndiaMART on the list of tools that integrate with Privyr and tap on it.

You’ll now be asked to provide the IndiaMART API key. Paste the IndiaMART key and the integration is complete. 

Once you complete the integration, you’ll start receiving IndiaMART leads on your mobile in real time via Privyr. The app will automatically include your leads in your sales loop, helping you manage them more efficiently.   

Privyr also allows you to contact your leads via popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and SMS directly from your phone with auto-personalised messages. The tool doesn’t just download your IndiaMART leads directly to your mobile and alerts you of new leads in real-time, it streamlines your whole sales process and helps you convert more leads into customers. 

Privyr is an excellent tool to manage leads from multiple sources like Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, and IndiaMART in one place, saving you time and eliminating the need to visit different platforms.

Why integrate your IndiaMART account with a CRM

Integrating a CRM with your IndiaMART account can be a strategic move to grow your sales if you receive a lot of queries and actively engage with leads and customers on the platform. A CRM can help you manage leads efficiently, streamline sales cycle, improve communication, and make informed, data-driven decisions. Here are some great reasons to pursue such integration:

Improved lead management: A CRM integration allows you to automatically import IndiaMART leads into your system, removing manual data entry process and reducing errors. This way, you can capture and process each enquiry efficiently.

Timely follow-ups: By setting up automated reminders and follow-ups, a CRM can ensure you don’t miss any IndiaMART lead.

Centralised data: You probably engage with your IndiaMART leads across multiple platforms, and managing all this information in one place can be challenging. Integrating IndiaMART with a CRM will create a centralised database of all of your lead interactions.

Improved sales cycle: Organised lead information allows your sales team to prioritise high-potential leads and personalise their approach based on lead details, thereby streamlining sales process and improving conversion rates.

Data-driven decisions: By analysing lead and sales data, a CRM can provide insights into customer behaviour and lead quality. This can help make informed, data-driven decisions.

Improved customer experience: Having all your data in one place allows you to better understand your customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points. This way you can offer a more personalised and responsive service.

Improved communication: Team members can access a unified record of all interactions with leads. This ensures consistent communication and prevents any overlapping or redundant outreach.

Security and backup: CRMs typically have strong security protocols and regular data backup processes. An integration with CRM will ensure that your lead data from IndiaMART is safe and secure. 

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