Privyr - The best free CRM for IndiaMART

The best free CRM for IndiaMART

Get free instant lead alerts from your IndiaMART seller account directly on your phone.

Follow up with your leads instantly, send them auto-personalised messages, track your files, and close more sales! All using WhatsApp!

The only CRM integration you will ever need for IndiaMART.

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Supercharge your IndiaMART sales

Privyr is a mobile CRM built for sales professionals and entrepreneurs who run their businesses from their phone. It works with WhatsApp, SMS, email, and other popular chat apps.

Instant New Lead Alerts

Get your IndiaMART leads delivered instantly via the Privyr app and email. Tap to immediately view the lead's contact information, requirement details.

Say goodbye to manually responding to leads on IndiaMART.

Contact Your Leads in Seconds

Send auto-personalised introductions via WhatsApp, SMS, or email with our one-touch QUICK RESPONSE feature. No need to type, copy + paste, or even save to your phonebook.

Following up with your leads has never been easier.

Distribute Leads to Your Clients and Teammates

Share your leads with others via email, even if they don't have a Privyr account. Set up multiple recipients for each lead source, and choose between forwarding leads to everyone or distributing leads equally amongst recipients in a round-robin fashion.

Everyone gets the leads instantly, without any manual forwarding needed.

Manage Leads from your Phone

Manage your new leads and existing clients with notes, follow up reminders, client timelines, trackable files & pages, bulk sending, and much more. Your relationships are at your fingertips with Privyr's lightweight mobile CRM.

Never let another lead slip through the cracks.

Free Forever + Unlimited Access Plans

Enjoy unlimited usage and access of Privyr across all your devices, including all features and future upgrades.

Our free-forever tier offers unlimited instant lead alerts across all lead sources!

Built for Privacy

All your data is private by default, and you’ll always have full control over it.


Privyr will never sell, share, or make your data accessible to any third parties


Your data is fully encrypted in transit (TLS 1.2 via HTTPS) and in the database (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard)

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