Whether you sell cars or vehicle-related services, you’re always trying to find more customers. 🚀

And a part of your job is responding to new leads and enquiries with the product or service details they need – shared in a professional and attractive way.

However, preparing and sharing your automotive sales content can quickly become a very time-consuming task, especially when there’s a high volume of enquiries.

In this post, we’ll share how you can use Privyr Pages to quickly create, send, and track views on the media-rich sales content for your automotive business.

You may be representing a dealership, running a rental service, or providing maintenance and detailing services. Whichever type of automotive business you’re in – we got you covered!

In this post, we’ve included some templates we created using Privyr Pages for car sales and services. Just click to save, personalise, and send them to your clients via WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, email, and more.

How manually sending multimedia content can hurt your sales process

When a lead asks you for more information, you probably want to share media-rich content with them – something more than just text!

What usually happens is that you manually go through your phone gallery, folders, or note-taking app to find relevant images, videos, scripts, e-brochures, and links. Then, you copy-paste or forward everything to the lead on WhatsApp, iMessage, or text.

You basically have to repeat this process for different leads and for every new enquiry. 😵

Not only is this time-consuming work, but it also doesn’t help you leave the best impression to further promote your products or services.

If you’re sending multimedia content separately like that, your lead may feel overwhelmed by the clutter of information. Because, suddenly, they’re seeing 10 images, 2 links, 1 video, and possibly a generic sales message in the chat – and all this is just for ONE car model or service type they’re interested in. It gets even messier if they request for details on additional products or services you offer.

Furthermore, if you’re using WhatsApp, they may sometimes even see that the message has been “Forwarded” to them, giving the impression that this was an automatic – or careless – action.

Overall, everything feels very impersonal, and it’s costing you time to send the content as well.

How using Privyr Pages can boost your sales game 🚀

Before I show you how to use Privyr Pages to promote your automotive business, let’s talk about how this method can improve your sales and productivity, saving you time and effort:

  • Create only once and send many times: You only need to create a Page for each of your car models or services once – adding all the relevant images, videos, descriptions, and links in one sitting.

    When leads request it, quickly send the same media-rich Page to different leads via WhatsApp, iMessage, or text – within seconds. No need to dig through your galleries or folders. No more copy-pasting and forwarding content.
  • Auto-personalise the Page for each lead in just one tap: Your content is automatically customised with the lead’s name when you click ‘Send’. You’ll leave a stronger impression when they feel like the content was personalised just for them.

    Your branding and contact details are also automatically added to the Page, so that when they share the details with someone else, people know they could reach out to you.
  • Track how many times a lead views the content: Get instantly notified when a lead views the sales content you sent them. Gain insights into how many times they have viewed a Page, and how long they have spent viewing it.

    You can monitor people’s interest levels, even if they don’t reply or they don’t choose to buy immediately. This will help you plan your long-term follow-up strategy! Check out our other post on how to increase sales by tracking your lead’s interest
  • Update your sales content anytime, for everyone: If you make changes to your product offerings, service packages, or other content after sending them to a lead, the changes will be automatically reflected in their copy as well.

Here are some ideas and inspiration on the automotive sales content you can create using Privyr Page templates 👇

💡 Pro-tip: Click “Use This Template” to save the Page template to your Privyr account, where you can customise it for your vehicle-related products or services. Use Privyr to personalise the content and respond to enquiries via WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, and more – all within seconds.

Don’t have a Privyr account yet? Create one for free here to start creating and sending auto-personalised automotive content within seconds.

Page templates for car sale or car rentals

Use our template below to create a media-rich e-brochure for the various models, plans, or rentals offered by your dealership.

Send them to your prospect via Privyr, where your branding and their names will be automatically applied.

Share details about a specific car model or rental plan you offer

💡 Bright Ideas: Try adding these media-rich elements to your Page to make it more engaging.

  • Details and photos of the model your lead is interested in buying or renting.
  • Links to book a showroom appointment, view technical specs, or use a car loan calculator.
  • YouTube videos that showcase the car features, the driving experience, or user reviews.
  • Google Maps location of your dealership or showroom.

Page templates for automotive servicing packages

Perhaps you’re in the business of fixing or modifying cars? Try using this template as an e-brochure for the services you provide, or promotions you’re running.

The best part is that you can always update the e-brochure, as needed, and it will automatically update for all the people you’ve sent it to as well, even if they use the old link.

Share more details about your car repair or maintenance services

💡 Bright Ideas: Try adding these media-rich elements to your offer to make it more engaging.

  • Details and photos of your servicing packages.
  • Coupons or offers for new customers.
  • Links to book an appointment directly, view other services, view price list, buy accessories, etc.
  • Videos that showcase your automotive expertise in some ways.
  • Google Maps location of your service centre.

Page template for event or showroom invitation

Launching a new range of cars or running an event at your dealership? Share the news with your leads with this template and attract more visitors to your showroom.

When sending out these flyers and invitations, they are automatically personalised with your lead’s name, giving them a feeling of exclusivity.

Invite leads to your car launch or showroom events

💡 Bright Ideas: Try adding these media-rich elements to your invitation to make it more engaging.

  • Details and photos of the event.
  • Photos of the cars they can explore and test drive at your dealership.
  • Links to RSVP or book a showroom appointment.
  • Videos of past events to drive excitement and curiosity.
  • Google Maps location of your dealership or showroom.

Check out our help guide to learn more about managing and tracking Pages in Privyr.


By using Privyr Pages, you can quickly manage and send information about your car dealership, rentals, or servicing packages – while keeping them personalised for your leads.

Each lead has different preferences or needs when it comes to their vehicles, so the materials you share with them should reflect that!

By using the interest tracking feature for Privyr Pages, you can easily tell which leads have recently viewed a specific piece of content you share with them.

You’ll have all the information you need to follow up more strategically, instead of guessing which leads are worth following up with and which type of car or services they’re interested in. 😎

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