Privyr’s CEA Agent Lookup feature isn’t just for real estate agents in Singapore 🇸🇬!

Whether you’re a realtor or work with realtors, we’ll show how you can use this feature to find potential clients, partners, and customers in just a few taps. What’s more, you can do this without leaving your Privyr app. 🪄📱

If you’re a Privyr user in Singapore, you’ve probably seen us talking about the new CEA Agent Lookup feature! With this feature, you can use Privyr to check if your leads and clients are licensed realtors in Singapore. The best part? It only takes a few seconds.

So you may know that the CEA lookup is a great feature for real estate agents to use, as it can help them tell if their new leads are actually interested clients – or simply competitors seeking to scope out more information about the property for their own gain.

But there’s more to the CEA Agent Lookup offering, which is available for all of Privyr’s users in Singapore! We’ll show you different ways this feature can be useful for the sales process of interior designers, home stagers, marketers, and more.

What is Privyr’s CEA Agent Lookup feature? 🤔

Singapore’s Council for Estate Agencies keeps an online database of all of its registered real estate agents, with details that include:

  • Name
  • Registration Number
  • Phone Number
  • Property Transaction History

Created by the Singapore government, the CEA database is a public registry that primarily exists for clients to easily verify:

  1. Who their real estate agents are
  2. Whether that real estate agent is licensed

To use the registry, you just need to type in some information about your agent – usually their phone number. If that number matches someone in the registry, you know that your lead is a licensed real estate agent in Singapore!

Of course, this means switching between your client details on your phone and the CEA website, which isn’t very convenient. So, to help, Privyr has a built-in feature that lets users check their leads and clients against the CEA database directly from the Privyr app.

This way, users don’t need to switch back and forth between apps – or copy-and-paste a phone number.

Privyr's CEA Agent Lookup Feature - how to use
From the client entry, simply tap Options > CEA Public Register Lookup.

Privyr’s CEA Agent Lookup feature checks its data live against the CEA database’s official public data, so you’ll know that your information is accurate.

Privyr even gives you the option to view the realtor’s details in the CEA database, in one tap!

Looking for better results with your leads and clients? Here are four ways this feature can help your sales process.

1. Find potential clients and partners 🤝

Many professions benefit from long-term relationships with realtors, including:

  • Interior designers 🖼️
  • Contractors 👷
  • Mortgage brokers 🧑‍💼
  • Home stagers 🛋️
  • Graphic designers 🖥️
  • Business coaches 🤝
  • Marketers 📈
  • And many more! 🥳

If you work in a role that services or partners with real estate agents, you can use Privyr’s CEA Agent Lookup feature to find potential clients and collaborators.

Right from your client entry, you’ll also have a quick and easy way to access all of the public information about them and their business – right at your fingertips!

Interior designers, contractors, mortgage brokers, home stagers, graphic designers, marketers, and other professions that work with realtors can use Privyr’s CEA Agent Lookup feature to find clients and partners.

This works for new leads or for contacts you already have in your phonebook. Just make sure you’ve imported your phonebook contacts into Privyr with their phone numbers!

Need a refresher on how to import clients from your phonebook? We have a guide for you right here.

2. Learn about your customers 👀

If you work in a role where realtors make up some or all of your customer base, great news! Privyr’s CEA Agent Lookup feature offers you a quick and easy way to look up information about them without having to ask too many questions.

Just carry out a CEA Public Register Lookup on a client. Next, you can view your customers’ entries online and gather important information, such as where they’re selling and the types of properties that they’re selling. Then, you can use this information to figure out how you can be of best help to them.

😎💡Pro Tip: For best results, use the information you find in the CEA database to better connect with the realtor you’re trying to talk with! Whether it’s a new lead or a potential partner, you have the best chances for success if you personalise your outreach.

For example, you can mention the area the realtor works in – or even a recent kudos on an award they have received!

This not only communicates that you’ve done your research but also makes it easier to move that sale or partnership forward. 🙌

3. Identify your competition 🔍

When Privyr sends you the instant notification that you’ve gotten a new lead, you can tap that notification and see the client entry. From there, it’s easy to quickly check your leads with the CEA Agent Lookup feature. That way, when you reach out to them for the first time using Privyr, you know they’re a lead, not an agent.

If the CEA Public Register search brings up a salesperson, you can View Salesperson Details to determine if they’re a competitor – within seconds!

This way, you’re only sending sales scripts and content to potential buyers – not your competition. If you’re generating real estate leads and finding that a lot of them are your competitors, we’ve written about this more here.

4. Look for co-brokers 🏡

Of course, not every realtor submitting their details to an ad is looking to snoop. Sometimes, they’re simply other agents who have high-potential buyers interested in your listings. By submitting their details through your lead form, they’re hoping to get in contact with you and make the sale together!

You can use the CEA Agent Lookup feature on new leads to see if they’re a real estate agent active in your area. If they look like a potential co-broking opportunity, you can message them as a fellow realtor and move the conversation forward. 🚀

This way, you’ll save time and effort you would have spent messaging your fellow realtor with your sales scripts, thinking they were a lead.

Now that you know several uses for the CEA Public Register Lookup feature, why not try it out for yourself? Your next opportunity may only be a tap away. 👆✨

The CEA Agent Lookup Feature sounds great! So, what’s next?

The CEA Public Register Lookup feature is just one of many Privyr features helping people turn their leads into clients.

For example, did you know that using Privyr’s team features can save you hours of time and many headaches? Here’s how you can coordinate on new leads with your team efficiently, using Privyr’s lead assignment features.

If you offer trainings, webinars, or other workshops as part of your business, we’ve developed these media-rich templates to promote them! It’s easy to create, share, and even track your client’s interest in your content in real time using Privyr. All you have to do is edit and send these templates. What’s more, you can do it in under a minute!

If you’re looking for follow-up inspiration, have a look at our sales message templates for different situations and industries, like this follow-up sequence we’ve written for mortgage brokers and financial advisors. It comes complete with templates you can download, edit with your business details, and send via Privyr in just a few taps.

When you spend less time on manual tasks, you can spend more time nurturing leads and partnerships. This will help convert them into sales and opportunities for your business. 🥳 

Try Privyr today and improve the way you work!

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