​​As a real estate agent, you probably send a lot of content like e-brochures, floorplans, listing images, and more. However, most agents share this content with the expectation that a lead will always reply, in writing, to express their interest. And so you keep waiting for that reply… but when the lead doesn’t respond after you send them the details they requested, you may think it’s a bad lead or a dead end.

In reality, the lead might have opened your file multiple times, gone over the details, and even shown the listing to their family. But you have no way of knowing because they didn’t actually tell you that they’re doing that.

Here’s a super hack that real estate agents use to track the interest levels of their leads through listing information, brochures, and property photos they have sent. This helps them send perfectly-timed follow-ups that bring more sales (scripts included in this article).


Why should you start tracking views on the content you share?

The way your leads interact with your content often reflects their interest levels. You’d want to capitalise on those peak-interest moments with a relevant follow up. These moments can happen weeks or even months after your first interaction with a lead.

Are they actively flipping through your e-brochure? Did they check the floorplan? Knowing these activities is an instant gamechanger.

A lead who has never ever replied to your messages suddenly becomes a potential buyer, simply because you know they spent a lot of time today viewing the files you sent them. The moment they start to show interest again, you can jump into action.

So how can you start tracking the views on your content? Things like WhatsApp “blue ticks” only tell you if a message has been seen (and your recipients can disable this read receipt feature at any time).

More importantly, blue ticks don’t tell you how much time a lead has spent looking at your content, or whether they revisit it weeks or even months later.

Here’s how real estate agents use Privyr to track content views – this technique works whether you use WhatsApp, iMessage, or any other messaging apps to communicate with your leads.

How to track views on your real estate content & discover more potential buyers from your database

Many real estate agents use the Privyr app to create and share content with leads and clients, including brochures, property presentation kits, virtual tours, and other marketing materials.

You can automatically track your leads’ activities on the content you shared with them via Privyr. You’ll get real-time notifications on things like: when a specific lead opened a File or Page you sent, how many times they viewed it, and even how much time they spent looking at it.

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To get started, just go to the Content tab in the Privyr app (mobile or desktop), where you can either upload a PDF file you already have, OR create a Page in Privyr to showcase different listings or new launches.

Option 1: Upload a PDF file you already have to Privyr

This could be an eBrochure provided by a developer, or a featured listing flyer you prepared using a tool like Canva. Under the Content tab, go to the Files section and upload the PDF file.

Your branding and contact information are automatically applied to the File whenever you send it to a lead through Privyr. No matter how many times your File gets forwarded to the friends and family of your leads, your branding will always stay intact, making it easy for more prospective buyers to contact you.

Option 2: Create a Page in Privyr with links, images, videos, etc.

Don’t have a PDF file ready to go? No worries! You can easily create a Page in the Privyr app to showcase specific listings, promote new launches, and more. Here are the steps:

  1. Under the Content tab, go to the Pages section.
  2. Click Product or Event Page.
  3. Start building your Page by adding a title, description, and images. You can also add website links, file attachments, YouTube videos, and Google Maps. Here’s an example of how your Page would appear to your recipients.
  4. Click Create & Preview once you’re satisfied with the Page you created.
  5. Now you can start sharing the Page with your leads.

Similar to Files on Privyr, your Pages will also have your branding and contact information, applied automatically, no matter how many times someone forwards it.

Privyr Pro-Tip: On Privyr, you can look up the views on your content in three ways. 👇

  1. The first way is through the Client Details screen, where you can see a timeline of how a specific lead has interacted with different Files or Pages you sent them, including the time they spent on the content.
  2. The second way is through the Content tab, where you’ll find an overview of how many times you’ve shared a File or Page, how many leads have opened it, and which leads viewed it multiple times.
  3. You can also see all the clients who opened one of your Files or Pages in the last 7 days by going to the Clients tab > Groups > Recently Active. The latest viewers would be at the top of that list.

How to follow up with leads who show interest in your content

Once you know that a lead is actively viewing and revisiting your content, your next step is to follow up with them so that you can start a conversation that moves them deeper into their buying journey with you. 

You want them to book a viewing, buy from you, list their property with you, so a follow-up is crucial here, especially because their activities show that they’re at peak interest.

However, remember that there are right and wrong ways to follow up. You should definitely avoid revealing too much of the information you know about them. For example, if you see that a lead has viewed your e-brochure multiple times in the past week, you SHOULD NOT be sending a follow-up like this:

“Hey Sam, I saw that you viewed the ACME Residences brochure 5 times last week. Would you like to book a tour of the place this weekend?”

Your lead might think that you’re creepy and block you if you do this. 😅 So what is a more balanced way to use this information to your advantage? 👇

Your follow-up should be relevant to what your lead is showing interest in, such as a specific listing, properties in a specific area, or the market report for their neighbourhood (if they’re a prospective seller). Your message should never give the impression that you closely monitor what they do on your Files and Pages you share with them.

Here are some scenarios and scripts you could use to follow up successfully:

  • When you find that a lead has opened your brochure multiple times in the past week.
    • “Hey Sam, hope you’re well! Just wanted to share that ACME Residences will be having an open house next weekend. I remember that you were interested in the 3-bedroom unit there, so I thought I’d ask if you’d be interested in attending. 🙂”
  • When an old lead suddenly revisits a property listing you sent them months ago.
    • “Hey Sam, hope all is well with you and Sarah. I remembered that you were looking at superlink homes in the Edenbrook area last year, but there weren’t any units with your ideal built-up size. I recently acquired a couple of new listings in Edenbrook with a built-up size above 2,700 sqft., and I immediately thought of you. Would you like to see the floorplans?”
  • When a prospective seller spends a really long time looking at your seller presentation kit, multiple times over a month.
    • “Hey Sam, I know that you’ve been considering selling your house in Edenbrook but you had some concerns about recent property prices. Would you like to see a market report of the most recent transactions in your area?”


You’re already sending different content and files to potential buyers or sellers for your real estate business. Having trackable content through Privyr adds a layer of key information that can greatly improve the effectiveness of your lead nurture process.

Tracking views on your Files and Pages gives you real-time insights into a lead’s buying journey, which you can then use to personalise your conversations with them.

This is especially important in the real estate industry, where your sales cycles may stretch across months or even years. You’d want to know which leads have continuous interest or renewed interest in your real estate offerings, even if they don’t explicitly tell you that.

The results? More closed deals, happy clients, and a flourishing real estate career. Try out Privyr’s Content Sharing and Tracking features for free today.

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