The Indian real estate market is quite competitive, and it also has unique dynamics. As a real estate agent based in India, you may want to adopt a local approach when it comes to generating real estate leads. Luckily, there are several platforms designed to connect local buyers with sellers and agents, providing the perfect way for you to get started.

If you are an India-based real estate agent looking to boost your lead generation game, we’re here to help you identify the best real estate lead generation platform in India.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top platforms for lead generation for real estate agents in India. At the end, you’ll also find our best tips on how to convert more leads into customers simply by using WhatsApp, SMS, or call from your phone. 

What is a real estate lead generation platform?

A real estate lead generation platform is an online system or service designed to help real estate agents find potential clients interested in buying, selling, or renting properties. 

These platforms can play a crucial role in connecting agents with more potential customers amidst the fierce competition and a challenging process of finding prospective buyers.

Features to look for in a real estate lead generation platform

Apart from social networks and advertising platforms, realtors in India use real estate lead generation platforms to expand the reach and visibility of their real estate listings.

Since many prospects visit these platforms directly or find them through search engines, you have a better chance of generating more relevant leads. Here are some features you may want to look for in your ideal real estate platform.   

Property listing feature: As a property agent, your listings are one of the most important means of connecting with potential customers. Fortunately, most leading real estate lead generation platforms allow agents to list their properties for sale or rent with detailed descriptions, photographs, and sometimes even virtual tours. Look for a platform that not only provides a simple interface but also allows you to communicate with your prospects with ease. 

Marketing tools: Having marketing tools in a lead generation platform is a plus. These tools can be useful in helping you promote your market and listings better. Some platforms even provide options for designing and deploying targeted ads, both within the platform and on external sites via retargeting.

Analytics: Insights on how your listings are performing and what kinds of properties are most in demand can help you make informed decisions about your sales strategies. That’s why analytics and reporting tools are crucial. 

Client engagement features: Also, look for features like chatbots, inquiry forms, and direct messaging options. They allow your potential clients to easily get in touch with you, facilitating quicker interactions.

Best platforms for lead generation for real estate agents in India


Monthly platform visits: ~19 million 

As one of the leading property portals in India, MagicBricks offers extensive listings for residential and commercial properties. It provides tools for agents to generate leads, manage customer queries, and even use analytics to review ad performance.

Here are some ways to generate real estate leads on MagicBricks:

Optimised listing: A listing is the most basic way to be visible on MagicBricks. However, a complete property listing with high-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and all necessary amenities highlighted have better chances of attracting leads. While listing your property, you may also want to use keywords that potential buyers might use to search for properties.

Paid promotions: On MagicBricks, you can feature your listings and also run ads. This can increase the visibility of your listings and attract more leads. You may want to consider these paid options if you have a budget. Keep in mind that responding to new queries quickly is key to increasing conversion rates of your MagicBricks leads. 


Monthly platform visits: ~18 million

99Acres is another popular real estate portal in India where you can host your property listings.The platform offers various real estate services, including listings for sale and rent, as well as tools for creating property advertisements.

Here are common ways to generate leads of 99acres:

Ads: 99Acres allows its users to run ads on the platform. Ads definitely boost the visibility of your listings, but whether you can successfully generate leads depends on how attractive your ads are. Ensure you run ads with clear, high-resolution images and compelling copy that highlights unique selling points of the properties.

Listing optimisation and updates: Always ensure your listings have detailed description and high quality images. This is really helpful in attracting relevant customers. Moreover, keeping your property listings updated on the platform ensures they appear more reliable and capture the attention of buyers searching for the latest options.

Analytics: 99Acres provides analytics and reports to track the performance of your listings. You can use the report to optimise your listings and ads.

Monthly platform visits: ~14.5 million is a property listing website that’s popular among younger homebuyers of India. It’s also known for its sleek interface and user-friendly navigation. Apart from allowing agents to list their properties, the platform also offers lead management tools.

Tips to generate leads on

Virtual tours: On, you can provide virtual tours of your properties. You can use this feature to give potential buyers a better understanding and feel of the property without visiting the property in person. 

Local SEO: The platform often attracts users looking for properties in specific locations. Therefore, optimising your listings for local SEO by including local keywords can be really helpful in attracting local leads.

Ads and promotions: If you want to find potential customers fast, you can run ads and promotions on the platform. Ads and promotions boost the visibility of your listings. 


Monthly platform visits: ~9.5 million

CommonFloor is another real estate classified and community portal targeted at a younger demographic. It provides listings for properties across various cities in India and includes features like virtual property tours. It also offers tools for real estate agents to manage their leads.

Here are some tips to generate leads on CommonFloor:

Group listings and projects: Group listings and projects is a unique feature where you can group your listings together or create entire project profiles if you’re handling multiple units in a development. You can benefit from this feature to attract buyers interested in these types of investments.

Targeted ads: The platform also lets you run targeted ads to boost your listing’s visibility. Make sure your ads are attractive and deliver clear messages to your targeted group so you generate quality leads.  

Optimised listing: Ensure that the content of your listings is detailed, engaging, informative, and professionally written to stand out.

Participate in Q&A: You may also want to engage with users in the Q&A sections of CommonFloor to build credibility and visibility among users actively seeking information.


Monthly platform visits: ~1.6 billion 

Facebook is the largest social media platform in India, boasting almost 385 million monthly active users. Unsurprisingly, the platform also has a wide reach in the real estate market. You can use this social platform as a cost effective way to generate leads. 

A Facebook Business Page is a great way to grow your reach and connect with potential real estate customers. With the right strategy, you can build your followers over time without having to spend on ads.  

Here’s how you can generate real estate leads on Facebook: 

Organic posts: Regular posting with the right keywords and tagged location can help you reach your target customers. On your Business Page, you can post various types of content in different formats. Apart from showcasing your properties, you should also publish simple solutions and educational posts to gain trust of your potential customers.    

Facebook Lead Ads: Facebook Lead Ads are a type of Facebook Ads specifically designed to capture leads. You can run highly targeted location-based lead generation ads for real estate leads on Facebook. Given the platform’s massive reach, these ads can help you connect with a massive audience. However, it’s crucial to design your ads well and include a clear message to effectively generate leads.     


Monthly platform visits: ~10 billion

With the highest traffic of any website, Google is a powerful platform for generating real estate leads in India. However, generating real estate leads via Google differs from other platforms since it’s a search engine. You need to plan your lead generation strategy based on keywords, and this could be done organically or through paid ads. 

Here are tips to generate real estate leads on Google:

SEO and content marketing: The term ‘keyword’ and ‘content marketing’ may seem intimidating for beginners. But in simple terms, they involve researching your potential customers, understanding what they search for, and creating content to address those searches. You basically post content on your blog or website, not directly on Google.  

While content marketing is an excellent way to generate leads over the long term, keep in mind that it might not be the best option for generating quick leads for your listing. Therefore, your content should focus more on broader real estate issues (such as location-based pricing, legal regulations per state, or simple DIY home fixes) rather than solely on your latest listing.

Optimise your listings on property portals for Google: You can also generate leads via Google by optimising your listings on property portals like MagicBricks or with relevant keywords. With the right keyword, your property listing may appear on Google Search when people search for a certain type of house in a specific area. 

Lead Ads: Google also allows you to run ads specifically designed to generate leads. These are known as Google Ads Lead Form Assets. You can run Lead Ads on Google search engine and target your potential customers based on keywords. Again, the right message is key to attracting your leads.    

Why do you need lead generation platforms as an agent?

Lead generation platforms streamline your efforts in finding and managing potential clients efficiently. They play a crucial role in a real estate agent’s business growth and success. Here are some key reasons why these you need these platforms to generate real estate leads: 

To streamline lead acquisition

Lead generation platforms make it easy for you to find leads. These platforms connect real estate customers with agents directly through online marketing and listings, meaning you’ll no longer need to rely solely on traditional methods like networking, cold calling, or door-to-door sales, etc. 

To increase reach

Real estate lead generation platforms help you easily reach a broader audience than you typically could through personal networking or local advertising. The Internet’s wide reach ensures your listings and advertisements can reach potential buyers or tenants from different regions or even internationally.

To save time and money

By automating the initial stages of client acquisition, you can save significant time and focus on closing deals and nurturing clients. These platforms also come with tools that help you manage new leads, follow up on potential clients, and schedule appointments, making the process more efficient. 

Compared to traditional marketing methods, online lead generation is cost-effective and provides a higher return on investment. Since you can measure and adjust campaigns in real-time based on performance data, you’ll likely spend your marketing budget more wisely.

To execute more targeted marketing

Lead generation platforms have sophisticated algorithms and data analytics that help you to target potential customers more precisely. You can reach prospects based on specific demographics, geographic locations, or even behavioural data. This increases the likelihood of finding the right buyer or tenant.

To improve personal branding

The tools these platforms provide help you build and maintain a professional online presence. This is crucial in today’s market, where many clients may first search you online before deciding whether to work with you.

To gain a competitive advantage

Real estate lead generation platforms have a competitive edge over traditional methods. Being accessible where potential clients are actively looking for properties increases your likelihood of capturing high-quality leads.

Lead generation platforms are not just about getting leads, they also help you find better leads and manage them more efficiently. This can significantly enhance your productivity and effectiveness in the competitive real estate market of India.

Before you go, here’s the best way to convert real estate leads into customers from your phone

Generating leads is an essential activity for your real estate business, but it’s only half the battle. At the end of the day, what matters is how many leads you can turn into actual customers.

To improve your chances of converting real estate leads, you need to do more than just collecting contact details. In the next step, you should reach out to your leads fast and also engage with them through strategic steps to build trust.

While some lead generation platforms offer lead management tools, you’re likely to use more than one platform to generate leads. The goal is to manage your leads and run your sales process from one central location where you do the most sales work – your phone.  

Luckily, there are some tools that help you run your sales process smoothly from a central location and improve your chances of converting real estate leads. If you’re looking for a single-tool solution to run your sales process from your mobile phone, look no further than Privyr. 

Privyr is a mobile-first CRM that allows you to automatically transfer, manage, and follow up with your leads from the comforts of your mobile device. The CRM lets you run your entire sales process from your phone or laptop without requiring any complex integrations. Furthermore, it connects with many lead generation platforms mentioned above, along with messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and SMS, making your communications and sales management much easier and more seamless.   

With Privyr, you can easily connect with your leads in three simple steps:

  1. Open a Privyr account and install the app on your mobile (or desktop if you prefer that)
  2. Integrate Privyr with lead generation platforms
  3. Automatically receive instant alerts for your new leads on your phone where you can engage with them immediately. 

Here’s how to integrate Privyr with real estate lead generation platforms in India:

Step 1. Create a free Privyr account and install the the app on your phone
Visit and create your account.    

Step 2. Install the Privyr app on your smartphone
Once you’ve created your account, install the app on your mobile device. Privyr is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Step 3. Integrate Google Forms 
In the app, tap on Account and select Integrations

Privyr Lead Sources Integration

Under the Lead Sources tab, select the lead generation platform you want to connect to. Tap Configure/connect and follow the instructions that appear. 

If you’re integrating Facebook or Google Ads Lead Form Assets with Privyr, the command will open the app. You can then accept Privyr’s permission settings to complete the integration.  

If you’re integrating real estate portals, then you’ll land on an instruction page, where it will show you how to connect Privyr with the platform. Privyr generally uses Webhooks to connect with these platforms. A Webhook is basically a free tool that facilitates communication and data sharing between two platforms. 

So what’s keeping you from increasing your sales by up to 300%? Try Privyr for free today.

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