WhatsApp is a perfect messaging and communicating tool for B2C businesses looking to connect with their clients from the comfort of their smartphones. It’s not just easy but a really popular tool.  

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That being said, improving your sales and customer relationships still depends on what kind of message you approach your clients with. A message is effective when it’s sent at the right time and with the right combination of words. 

Speaking of effective messages, the introduction message is the most crucial of them all. It determines if your leads will open your message and respond to it or ignore it. 

So, the question is, what’s the best way to write an introduction message on WhatsApp that maximises the chances of getting a response? 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the best practices for effective WhatsApp introduction messages, so you´ll be able to create more effective introduction messages with a higher possibility of getting a reply.  

Table of Contents:
Why introduce your business on WhatsApp?
Messaging a cold lead vs warm lead

How to introduce your business on WhatsApp status
Things to consider while sending great intro messages on WhatsApp
5 examples/templates of great business introduction messages on WhatsApp

Business Introduction Message on WhatsApp
Business Introduction Message on WhatsApp

Why introduce your business on WhatsApp?

Introducing your business on WhatsApp has many benefits. First and foremost, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps with a large user base with different demographics. Secondly, contacting leads for the first time via messaging apps can have a much better response rate than other communication channels. Let’s explore in detail.  

The first thing you want to do and should do is quickly approach your leads once you get their information. You do have a few options in how to open your very first conversation with new leads. You can approach them via a phone call, email, or a messaging app. 

A phone call can be a costly decision because people may not be available to answer you at all times. What’s worse… You just waste your time and effort with each missed call. Also, according to research, people do not appreciate sales calls on their personal numbers. In fact, millennials prefer messaging over phone calls – even for personal communications. 

As for email, it can be a good way to approach leads when you want to explain your products in more detail and provide links to supporting content. However, the problem with emails is that most of your leads are highly likely to overlook your message, just like a hundred and twenty other promotional emails they receive in their inbox daily.

This brings us to the third choice: approaching your new leads through messaging apps. People are more likely to notice their message notifications each time they use their mobile phones. Even if the message isn’t noticed immediately, users will check it later at their convenience because they frequently use messaging apps.  

WhatsApp isn’t just an excellent messaging app for personal and business messaging, it’s also wildly popular. Most of your clients (if not all) are probably on WhatsApp and they prefer using it over other messaging apps because of its simplicity, familiarity, and the features that come with it. Introducing your business on WhatsApp means your message will likely be opened and replied to.

Messaging a cold lead vs warm lead

If you’re using WhatsApp as the tool to connect with your leads, you’ll often be sending your first introduction messages to two different types of leads: cold and warm. A lead is cold or warm depending on how much knowledge you have about them. If you’re shooting your promotional messages to random numbers without even knowing they’re your potential customers, they are cold leads. On the other hand, if you’re responding to people who have shown interest in your product or service through website forms or lead ads, they are your warm leads. 

How to write a great introduction message to Cold leads

Cold leads are the random people that receive your promotional messages about your products or services without knowing who you are. The leads haven’t shown interest in your products or service and have no idea about you. They just see your message on their WhatsApp all of a sudden.

While more people tend to ignore promotional messages, well-crafted introduction messages still have a chance of being opened and getting a response. You just need to be super sharp and upfront about the problem you’re solving or the promotion you’re doing. You have to mention your offer directly so the recipient knows exactly what they can get. Your message should be truly transactional and to the point.   

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent specialising in selling houses and want to let more people who want to sell their houses know about your service. Now, you have a list of 200 random numbers of people you have no idea about. In this case, instead of trying to look more creative, your message should be crafted to the point. For instance, it should look like ¨Looking to sell your house? We help people sell their house above the market rate within 2 months.” 

How to write a great introduction message to warm leads

Warm leads are your potential customers whose information you’ve received through different targeted marketing activities, such as lead ads and contact forms. You know who your warm leads are and how they’ve come in contact with you. They’ve specifically expressed interest in your product or service, and have let you know what they want.  

Sending messages to warm leads is a totally different scenario than sending messages to random numbers. Therefore, your approach should be more personalised and friendly, especially when you’re messaging them for the first time. Don’t treat them like cold leads. Your first message shouldn’t be transactional and neither look promotional. 

This article will focus more on warm leads because most of your online activities will target warm leads. 

How to introduce your business on WhatsApp status 

In case you aren’t aware of it, WhatsApp status is also a great way to introduce your business on WhatsApp. So, before you create a perfect business introduction message, let’s have a general understanding of perfectly introducing your business through WhatsApp status.

Your leads may visit your profile after coming across your message, or promotional posts, to know more about your business. Also, including some industry-related keywords can make your profile visible in front of some customers searching for similar services within the platform. Therefore updating your status with the right elements can make a huge difference. But what’s the best way to do it? 

Well, the general rule of thumb is to make your WhatsApp status concise, engaging, and visually appealing. Here’s a suggested approach:

  • Use a high-quality image or video: Use a good-quality image of your product, service, or business logo. If you’re using a video, make sure it’s short and engaging. Remember, WhatsApp statuses last only for 24 hours and viewers often skim through quickly.
  • Keep it concise: You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention on a status. Keep the introduction short and to the point.
  • Engaging text: Start with a question or a compelling statement.
  • Emojis: Use emojis to add some flair and emotion to your text.
  • Include contact information: Mention “DM for inquiries” or “Contact us at [phone number].”
  • Call to Action (CTA): Encourage users to take action, such as visiting your website, placing an order, or just checking out your product.

Things to consider while sending great intro messages on WhatsApp 

Intro messages play a crucial role in driving your conversations with clients in the right direction. That’s why they should be crafted in a way that people want to react to. It opens doors to future communications and ultimately increases your chances of improving sales

When you message your leads for the first time, oftentimes you don’t get a reply. While there are many reasons behind this, such as the customers having a busy schedule or being away (from their phones or for vacation), the greatest reason behind a message not getting a response is terrible writing. People often ignore badly timed and promotional-looking messages. So, how to make sure you don’t send a bad intro message? Here are a few things you want to consider while sending a business intro message to your leads or clients.   

Make it personal

Personalisation plays an excellent role in making the recipient feel that the message is purely intended for them. According to a recent study, a large number of customers prefer engaging with personalised messages over generic ones

If you’re collecting leads online, you should know that people submit their details on your forms because they are genuinely interested to know more about your business and the offer. 

However, being unable to approach your leads with a personalised message can confuse them. As a result, they’ll think your message is another generic promotional text. Adding a few personal elements, such as the client’s name and interest, can help make a message personalised. The more specific you are, the better your message will sound to the client as it focuses on addressing their requirements. 

Add a question (to get a response) 

The primary purpose of sending your first message isn’t just writing or introducing yourself, it’s to get a response. If your message doesn’t include something specific to respond to (e.g. a question), your leads will more likely wait for another message than reply. 

Giving your clients a reason to respond helps open up a conversation. It’s best if you craft a question that resonates with them so they are curious to know more about your offers. However, it’s equally important to make it as easy as possible to respond. For instance, people will more likely respond to a yes/no question than a short answer question. 

Mention the product/service your leads are interested in 

People are less likely to answer a message that doesn’t explain the purpose well. If you give them a bit more detail on your intro message than they previously saw online (on Facebook lead ads or landing pages), it’ll remind them what they were interested in. As a result, they’ll open a conversation if they haven’t moved on. 

For best practices, include phrases such as ‘Thanks for showing interest in our (X) product’. Also, list 3 to 5 points specific to the product to remind them of their interest. 

5 examples/templates of great business introduction messages on WhatsApp 

Different industries have different sets of potential customers with different requirements. You’ll want to send your very first message to a client depending on their requirements. Here are 5 industry-specific templates of ideal business introduction messages that you can send on WhatsApp. 

Introduction message template 1. Insurance agent selling life insurance 

You’re an insurance agent that sells life insurance. You run your business website and collect interested clients’ information through its landing pages that you optimise regularly with new offers. You started receiving leads on you ad that highlights new offers for fresh graduates. Here’s how you’ll want to write your first business introduction message on WhatsApp.

"Dear Joshua, thanks for showing interest in our life insurance policy for fresh graduates👨‍🎓. I’m Ben from Prodigy insurance company and am happy to share that we have several promotions for young professionals’ life insurance during this festive season🎊. Would you like us to send you the latest packages and policies? "

Introduction message template 2. Real estate agent selling houses

You´re a real estate agent from Manhattan specialising in selling houses. One of your marketing strategies includes running Facebook lead ads and collecting leads. Here’s how you should compose your introduction message for a potential client who has just submitted her details on your Facebook Lead Form. 

"Dear Claire, thanks for your interest in selling your house 🏡. I’m Tim from Thrive Real Estate, and I specialise in selling houses above market price in Manhattan. In the past year alone, I have helped more than 30 individuals from New York sell their houses above the market rate. I´m looking forward to doing the same for you. It would be my great pleasure to do an assessment of your property and give you an analysis🕵️. Would you like a free analysis of your current property valuation? "


Introduction message template 3. Wedding planner

You’re a wedding planner from Hawaii. You collect your leads online through lead ads on TikTok and Instagram. Here’s an ideal introduction message for new leads you’ve just received. 

"Hi Sara, congratulations on your upcoming wedding 🎉! I’m Jennifer from Divine Wedding Planners. I have been planning weddings in Hawaii for the past 15 years, and my team has done over 100 weddings across all themes and locations💒. Would you like to know more about our latest packages? "

Introduction message template 4. Travel agent 

You’re a travel agent planning to sell new European travel packages. Here’s a sample introduction message on WhatsApp you may want to refer to while reaching out to your leads. 

"Hello Jared, This is Pablo from Easy Travel Services✈️. We're excited about your interest in our European travel deals! Let's make your next European adventure truly unforgettable🌍! Do you have a dream destination in mind, or are you seeking some hidden gems?"

Introduction message template 5. Pet care service

You run a pet care business and you’re running special discounts on different pet care services this festive season. Here’s a sample business introduction message on WhatsApp for new leads:

"Hi Tanya, 🐾 This is Mary from Fluffy’s Best Friends. It’s fantastic to see your interest in our pet grooming specials! Would you like to set up a date for your pet’s festive makeover? 🎉"



If you´re looking to convert more customers and increase sales, it’s utterly important that your new leads respond to your first message on WhatsApp. It ultimately increases sales probability. Therefore, create your very first message with proper consideration of all the right elements that urge users to open the message and respond to it. 

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How do you introduce yourself professionally on WhatsApp?

To introduce yourself effectively on WhatsApp, send a clear and personalised message to your client. Add a question to get a response and mention the product or service your lead showed interest on if you’re contacting leads generated online.

How do you introduce yourself in a business chat?

Write clearly about who you are and what is the purpose of the chat, personalise your message if you know who you’re chatting with, and avoid being too formal.

How do I write a business bio on WhatsApp?

If you want to write an attractive business bio on WhatsApp, ensure you’ve clearly mentioned who you are and what do you offer. Prioritise mentioning the benefits of your products or services over their features.

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