You’re a small business owner looking to generate more leads online. You come across the idea of offering lead magnets and decide to go for it so you improve the possibility of getting the contact information of potential customers by providing them a useful resource. But the problem is that you don’t have a business website, so what can you do to promote your Lead Magnet? 

Creating a lead capture mechanism to offer a lead magnet isn’t as hard as it seems, even if you don’t have your own website. The key is to utilise other platforms that allow you to collect your target audience’s contact information. Let us help you find alternative ways to offer your lead magnets without a website

Youtube Tutorial: Create Free Lead Magnets in Seconds

 In this article, we’ll discuss different ways to offer lead magnets to your audience without a website. Read on to know about them.  

How to offer lead magnets without a website

But first, how to quickly create Lead Magnets without a website? 

Traditionally, you still need a website to create a lead capture mechanism with a lead magnet. It basically includes a landing page that hosts your form and lead magnet. Visitors will receive lead magnets once they fill and submit the form. However, the problem is that you don’t have a website. 

Presenting Privyr’s Lead Capture Tool

Privyr’s Lead Capture Tool allows you to create your own Lead Capture Form and offer lead magnets to your potential customers – all for free. Even if you do have a website, the tool makes the whole process much easier. As mentioned earlier, offering a Lead Magnet through your website may involve several steps, including creating a new landing page, integrating a form, and finally uploading your lead magnet, which can be tedious. 

Here are the steps to create your unique Lead Capture Form in seconds with Privyr’s free tool:

  1. Visit Privyr’s Lead Capture Tool here.
Privyr's free lead capture tool
  1. Upload your lead magnet (in PDF), and enter your email address in the next field. This email is how you will be notified when someone submits their contact information through your form. Then, click “GENERATE LEAD CAPTURE FORM”. 
Lead capture tool Privyr
  1. In the final step, copy your unique Lead Magnet link that is attached with Lead Capture form. 

A new window will open confirming that your lead capture form has been generated, along with a link. You can copy the link and distribute it among your potential customers across all digital channels, such as emails and social media platforms.  

Lead capture form from Privyr

When a potential client tries to access or download your Lead Magnet, they will only see a preview of your Lead Magnet, and in order to “unlock” the full document, they must first enter their name, email address, and phone number. The lead capture page will look like this 👇

Once they do, you’ll receive the details of the lead in your email inbox. You can save them to your phonebook, CRM, or a spreadsheet so you can reach out to them in the future.  

How to promote your lead magnets without a website

Now that you have a Lead Magnet link, it’s time to promote it on different channels to get new leads! Here are different channels and ways to promote your lead magnets without a website: 

  1. Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms can be great places to offer Lead Magnets to your potential customers for free.

You can promote your Lead Magnets in different ways on social media, using organic posts, paid ads, direct messaging, etc. However, keep in mind that you may still require a lead capture mechanism to offer leads organically via regular posts. It generally includes a form that, when filled up and submitted, allows users to download the lead magnet and receive them on their email inbox. Privyr’s Lead Capture Tool might come in handy in this case. 

Let’s explore various ways to promote your lead magnets in different social media channels. 


  • Organic Posts: Share your lead magnet in your posts with compelling visuals and a clear call-to-action.
  • Facebook Stories: Use Facebook Stories to highlight the value of your lead magnet and add the link of your lead magnet to it. This can be effective if you have a limited-time offer.
  • Facebook Ads: If you’re running Lead Ads, include your lead magnet in them. In fact, lead magnets help improve the lead form completion rate of ads as it offers leads something exciting in exchange for their information.
  • Facebook Groups: Join relevant groups in your industry and share your lead magnet there. While doing so, make sure you follow the group’s guidelines.
  • Pinning: Pin the post for your lead magnet to the top of your business page so that it’s the first thing visitors see.


  • Videos: Showcase the problem your lead magnet solves in your video or give a sneak peek of its contents.
  • Link in bio: Promote your Lead Magnet by adding its link to your bio. 
  • TikTok Lead Generation Ads: Consider including your Lead Magnets in TikTok Lead Generation Ads if you’re running or planning to run one.


  • Instagram feed: Share posts about your lead magnet with a compelling caption and a call-to-action.
  • Instagram stories: Use Stories to promote the lead magnet. Use features like polls and link stickers.
  • Reels: Create short videos teasing the benefits of downloading your Lead Magnet.
  • Lead Ads: Include Lead Magnets in your Lead Ads (if you’re running one).
  • Link in bio: Since Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in captions, try putting the link to your Lead Magnet in your bio.


  • Organic posts: Share posts explaining your lead magnet and its value and benefits. LinkedIn is a platform where long-form content can perform well.
  • LinkedIn articles: Write an article related to the topic of your lead magnet and subtly promote it within the article.
  • Sponsored content: Use LinkedIn’s ad platform to promote your Lead Magnet to professionals. Try including your Lead Magnets in LInkedIn Lead Generation Ads.
  • LinkedIn groups: Like Facebook, LinkedIn also has groups. Join relevant groups and share your expertise, occasionally offering your Lead Magnet.
  1. Email

If you’re capturing emails through various methods, set up an auto-responder email that contains the lead magnet or a link to download it. Services like Mailchimp can help you do this without requiring a website. You can also simply send the lead magnet as an attachment in an email to those who request it. 

However, you may wonder why you would offer someone a lead magnet now that you already have their email address. 

If your marketing process is heavily reliant on communicating with leads and clients via email, it may make sense. However, you probably know emails have a very low response rate. Worse, some people do not even open your emails at all. Therefore, you might want to communicate with the same clients via a more direct channel, such as messaging apps. In such a case, you can offer lead magnets to your potential customers in exchange for their personal phone numbers.     

  1. QR Codes

QR codes can be a great way to offer your lead magnets offline!. You can use any free QR code generator tool to turn your Lead Magnet link into a unique QR code.

Then, you can display  your QR codes on physical media like posters, flyers, or even business cards. When people scan the code with their smartphones, they’ll be able to download the lead magnet directly.

  1. Third-Party Platforms

Third-party platforms, such as Slideshare also help you promote your lead magnet without a website. You can simply upload your lead magnet to the platform and direct your leads there by sharing its link. Make sure you enable the download option. Alternatively, various document sharing websites also allow you to upload PDFs, eBooks, or other documents and share them publicly. 

Why is offering a lead magnet important for your business

At first glance, Lead Magnets entice people to give you their contact information in exchange for something valuable. This is certainly crucial for capturing more leads as messages that only focus on selling, as opposed to giving, might not be as effective.

In the broader context, Lead Magnets can have a profound impact on your sales and marketing process. Let’s discuss the other benefits of Lead Magnets. 

Generate more qualified leads

Good Lead Magnets have high potential to attract people who have shown interest in a topic that can be easily associated with a product or service you offer. These individuals are likely to have a higher level of intent, which makes them easier to convert than a cold audience

This can potentially save you a lot of time and resources in your sales and marketing efforts, allowing you to focus on prospects who are more likely to convert. 

Increase brand awareness

A well-crafted Lead Magnet fulfils your potential customer’s specific needs. When people find something useful, they’ll likely share it within their networks – in this case, your Lead Magnets. This can act as a form of endorsement and helps to extend your brand’s reach to new audiences. 

Provide value to potential customers

Lead Magnets offer something valuable upfront, such as insightful information that only an expert like you would know, a solution to a problem, or a tool that makes someone’s life easier.

Providing value upfront establishes trust between your brand and the potential customer. This trust is foundational for any future interactions, including sales. It also helps position your brand as an authority in your field, making it more likely for potential customers to return to you for further engagement and possibly make a purchase.

Enable segmentation

Different Lead Magnets appeal to different audience segments. For example, a beginner’s guide might attract newbies, while an advanced whitepaper is ideal for experts. Understanding who is interested in what allows you to segment your contact list more purposefully. Segmentation enables you to customise your marketing messages for each category of leads, making them more relevant to the individual recipient. This may significantly increase the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

Require low cost of acquisition

Lead magnets like ebooks, guides, or webinars are relatively inexpensive to create, especially when compared to traditional advertising methods. Furthermore, they can be distributed indefinitely with negligible additional costs. This provides a high return on investment and allows you to reach a broad audience without significantly increasing your budget.

Gives competitive advantage

A high-value Lead Magnet can serve as a differentiator for your business. If your Lead Magnet provides more value or is more helpful than what your competitors offer, it makes your brand stand out.

Small edges can make a big difference in competitive markets. Offering a Lead Magnet that is more valuable or useful than what competitors offer can tip the scales in your favour, making potential customers more likely to choose your brand.


Now that you know how to promote your Lead Magnets to prospective clients without a website, don’t forget to invest in creating truly exceptional offerings. Remember, while distribution strategies are vital, it’s the quality of your Lead Magnet that draws in qualified leads.  

Creating a Lead Magnet that resonates with your target audience requires a deep understanding of their needs, challenges, and aspirations. Begin by identifying the key problems of your audience that align with your products or services. Make sure the content is not only high-quality but also actionable and offers immediate value. It helps build trust and positions your brand as an authority. 

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