Cold texting can be a bit awkward, a bit unwanted, and maybe even intrusive at times. That being said, cold texting can also be an effective way to connect with your potential real estate clients, especially if you the homeowners or property owners who are looking for real estate agents to sell their properties.  

If you have a contact list of potential real estate clients from specific areas you’re looking to operate, you’re probably planning to send them a cold text. And now you’re thinking about ways to send cold texts without being intrusive or looking spammy. We’re here to help! 

Cold Texting Real Estate Scripts for Potential Property Sellers

In this article, we discuss how to compose a high-converting cold text and provide you with 15 cold real estate cold texting scripts.  

First, consider these elements in your cold texts

While writing a cold text message in real estate, there should be a balance between being informative and not coming across as intrusive or spammy. Here are a few things you want to consider to make your cold texts effective.

Personalisation: Adding a personal touch to your text message shows that you’re not spamming your contact list. Addressing the recipient by name is a common way to personalise your message. However, you may not always know the recipient’s name in this case, especially if you’re collecting numbers from external paid sources. In that case, you can mention the locality.  

Introduction and credibility: People trust messages they know where it’s coming from. Don’t forget to yourself and your role as a real estate agent. You may also mention any relevant credentials or experience in the area you’re targeting. More importantly, make sure to make it brief.

No-pressure invitation: Consider inviting your recipients to respond to you for a no-obligation chat or a free property valuation. Make it clear that there’s no pressure or expectations on them. This can add value to your text, and at the same time, assure recipients that you respect their decision and won’t corner them into a conversation they’re not ready for. 

Privacy acknowledgement: Include a line respecting your recipient’s privacy and offering an easy opt-out. For example, “If you’re not interested in selling or prefer not receiving messages from us, please let me know. I’ll update my records.”

Brevity: Long texts can be overwhelming, and therefore, less likely to be read. Consider keeping the message brief and to the point. 

10 Cold Texting Real Estate Script Examples

Here are 10 cold texting real estate scripts. You can take inspiration or use them as templates while adding your personal touch. 

“Hi there, I’m Jacinda, your neighbourhood real estate expert from ACME corporations.

I’ve noticed some exciting market trends in Richmond. If you’ve considered selling your property, I’d love to share some exciting insights. Would you like me to send you the latest market report? 

P.S. We respect your privacy. Please let me know if you prefer not to be contacted again. I’ll happily remove your contact from our records.”

“Greetings from Smart Homes! I’m texting to let you know that we’re currently seeing a high demand for properties in Hastings. If selling your home has crossed your mind, we’re available on the weekdays, 9 to 6, for a  chat about your options in selling. Are you free for a quick 5-min call in the next few days?

Your privacy is important. If you prefer not to be contacted again, please let me know. I’ll update my records.”

“Hi there! This is John from BM Properties. I’ve noticed that your property at Hammersmith might be a great fit for many interested buyers I’m working with.

If you’re open to discussing potential opportunities, I’d love to offer you a free no-obligation valuation of your home. Please let me know when’s the right time to contact you. 

If you prefer not receiving texts from us, let me know. I’ll update our records.”

“Thinking of selling your house in Stratford? I’m here to help! This is Mike from Mike’s Agency, ready to help you get the best valuation of your property.

Would you mind a free, no-strings-attached property valuation? Let me know by replying ‘Yes’.

Also, let me know if you feel like you shouldn’t be receiving this message. I’ll remove your contact from our records. We respect your privacy.”

“Hi, there! I’m Maria from Brics Real Estate, reaching out to homeowners in Hackney with some great news about the local real estate market.

If you’re interested in selling your house or knowing its current market value, reply “Yes” and I’ll send you our latest report.

P.S. We respect your privacy. Just let me know if you don’t want to receive texts from us again.”

“Hi, I’m Tim from Robbie and Co. We’ve helped many homeowners in your neighbourhood of Layton achieve great results in selling their homes.

If you’re interested in learning what your property could be worth today, I’d love to offer you a free valuation of your home, no strings attached. When’s the best time to contact you this week for a quick 10-min chat?

Don’t want to receive messages from us? Just let me know. We respect your privacy.”

“Greetings from Janice @ SYM Properties! If you’re wondering what your Graysville property could sell for in today’s market, I’d love to send you a free property valuation – absolutely no strings attached.

Let me know if you’re interested.

Also, if you feel like this text message is irrelevant, let us know. Your privacy is important.”

“Hi, this is Michael from Tall Properties, reaching out to let you know that it’s a great time to be a property owner in Harrow as the market is thriving.

If you’ve thought about selling, I’d be happy to offer a free valuation of your home. When is the best time to contact you this week?

I also want to let you know that Tall Properties respects your privacy. Let me know if you prefer not receiving texts from us again.”

“Hello there, we’re DreamHomes Inc. Are you considering selling your Orchard Property?

As your area specialists, we can help you navigate the process smoothly and profitably. Would you like free valuation of your property?

P.S. We respect your privacy. If you think this text is irrelevant, let us know and we’ll immediately remove your number from our records.”

“Greetings from CosyHomes! As the experts in Chinatown real estate, we’ve seen a surge in buyer interest recently.

If you’re thinking about selling your property, we can help you capitalise on this trend. Is it ok if we call you for a quick 5-min chat some time this week?

Your privacy is our priority. If you’d rather not receive messages like this, please reply ‘not interested’, and we’ll ensure your preferences are respected.”

We hope this article helps you compose a high converting real-estate cold text. 

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