Are you looking for an efficient way to export your WordPress form submissions so you can manage your leads better? You may want to automate the process of exporting your leads to your device or system so its faster and more efficient and also improves your conversion chances from the get go. But the question is, what helps you do it in the best way? Is it just about selecting the right WordPress form plugin, or are there alternative solutions?

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to automatically export WordPress form submission so you can contact your leads faster and improve chances of converting them. Read on to know more.   

Using WordPress Forms plugin features

There are many WordPress form plugins that come with the auto-export feature, allowing you to export a CSV file to your system. Some examples of such plugins are Formidable Forms, Contact Form 7, and DV Forms. Some plugins also have email notification features, alerting you about each new submission. That being said, the features mentioned here may not be available on all plugins, so it’s best to test a form plugin before deciding to install it. 

Exporting and managing submissions using spreadsheets is still tedious. It takes extra time and effort to export the data, sort it out, and store it before you can start contacting potential clients. Also, this method is not mobile friendly. You’ll have to login to your desktop WordPress dashboard and access the data. Receiving emails for each submission may sound great, but going through each email and extracting and managing data is not efficient if you receive a large amount of submissions. You’ll still be spending a lot of time managing and sorting the data before finally taking action, which is contacting leads.

Using connector tools like Zapier and Integromat

Another way to automatically export WordPress form submissions is by using a connector tool. Connector tools, such as Zapier and Integromat, allow you to automatically export WordPress data to your sheets or email inbox. You just need to integrate the software into your forms. Integrating connector tools into your WordPress forms is quite easy.

To integrate Zapier to your WordPress forms: 

  • Login to your Zapier account (create one for free if you don’t already have an account).
  • Click the “Make a Zap” button to create a new Zap.
  • Select “WordPress” as the trigger app. 
  • Now choose the trigger you want to use, in this case, “New Form Submission”.
  • Enter your WordPress website URL, username, and password and connect it with Zapier.
  • Test the connection and customise the trigger settings as you need.
  • Choose the action app, such as “Email” or “Google Sheets” where you want to receive WordPress form submissions. 
  • Login to your WordPress account and authorise the connection to connect your chosen action app to Zapier.
  • Customise the action settings to suit your needs.
  • Test the Zap to ensure that it’s working properly.
  • Turn on the Zap to start automating your process of exporting WordPress form submissions.

Most connector tools, however, are not free. You’ll have to pay monthly subscription fees for the service once your free trial is over, and it may not make sense if you receive only a handful of leads. Also, connector tools only help you transfer data from your forms to your sheets or email inbox. If you’re looking to streamline your sales process, keep in mind that you’ll still need a CRM to manage your leads in the next steps, so you might end up using a lot of tools.  

Another disadvantage of using connector tools is that most of these tools are not mobile friendly. If you’re running your sales process on your mobile, using connector tools might not be the right choice. This brings us to the next option.     

Using Privyr to export WordPress form submission

Privyr is an excellent tool if you’re looking to export WordPress form submissions directly to your smartphone. It’s a mobile-first CRM that integrates with most WordPress forms and helps you automatically export your leads to your smartphone in real time. Privyr can be highly useful for small business owners and solopreneurs with limited resources. The best thing about Privyr is that receiving leads on the platform is free. 

Privyr instantly exports new form submissions from WordPress to your device, allowing you to access your leads right away. Furthermore, since it also works with popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, SMS, and iMessage, you won’t need to save and manage your contact details in a different app or spreadsheet. Just contact them directly within a few taps. Privyr is also a CRM, so not only can you use Privyr to export your WordPress form submissions, you can also manage your sales process effectively. You do not need another software to run your sales process once you have Privyr. 

To connect Privyr to your WordPress forms: 

  • Login to your Privyr account (create one for free if you don’t have an account)
  • Login to your WordPress account and install and activate Privyr CRM Integration plugin.
  • Go to your WordPress admin panel and configure Privyr CRM tab at the bottom of your WordPress admin panel.
  • Go to your Privyr account and receive Privyr account token. You can find your Privyr Account Token under your Integrations.
  • Enter your Privyr Account Token on WordPress.
  • Click SAVE.

Once your contact form plugin is connected to Privyr, you’ll see a green “connected” status. You can now submit test leads on your WordPress contact form(s) to ensure that you receive them instantly in your Privyr account.

Although Privyr is a great tool to automatically export WordPress submissions, keep in mind that it might not be your ideal software if you’re a big enterprise with several departments and receive a huge number of wordpress submissions. Similarly, Privyr may not be a perfect tool for running your operations via desktop applications. While you can still use Privy on the desktop, it is mostly a mobile-centric app.


There are many WordPress Contact Form plugins with free and paid options that allow you to generate leads from your WordPress website. And choosing the right form entirely depends on your preference. However, once you generate leads, exporting the Contact Form information effectively is the next important step for your business. Because the faster you contact your leads, the higher your chances of converting them. Therefore, always opt for automated ways of exporting WordPress submissions instead of wasting hours to access them manually.  

If you’re looking to automatically export your real-time WordPress form submissions on your mobile device, use Privyr. It’s a light yet powerful mobile-first CRM that you can learn to use within a minute. It’s also excellent at streamlining your sales process, helping you connect with more leads in a shorter period of time. 

Do not miss out on a single submission. Try Privyr for free today!   

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