Are you generating leads for your real estate business? Fantastic! But, at the same time, you must’ve been concerned and wondering why only a handful of leads respond to your outreach. As it turns out, you’re not alone! This is a common issue with leads generated online for real estate, and even for other industries too.

Generating leads allows you to find the right customers whom you can pursue to buy your products or services. It can play a great role in increasing your real estate sales. That being said, real estate is a really competitive industry, and therefore, generating leads is costly. You’re paying a good amount for every lead you receive, so you’ll want to do whatever you can to turn those leads into clients. Therefore, getting a lead to respond to your introduction message is crucial.

There are many factors that determine if your leads respond to your first outreach. The right introduction message is one of the most important ones of them all. If you don’t get it correct, you won’t get a response nor have a chance to convert your leads.

In this article, we explain how to write a perfect outreach message for your leads with 3 real estate lead conversion script examples. 

Table of Contents
What makes an introduction message high converting?
How to write a high-converting real estate introduction message script
3 high-converting real estate introduction script Examples
How apps like Privyr help you send high-converting messages to every lead and maximise sales 

What makes an introduction message high converting?

Most high-converting introduction messages are clear and concise, helping leads understand why they received the message. As a result, they are convinced to respond. An introduction message is most likely to be answered when it’s perfectly timed, well-written, and delivered via the right channel. Let’s discuss the three most important elements of a high-converting introduction message.  

  1. When should you send the message?

Approaching your leads with an introduction message at the right time is crucial in making it relevant and effective. No matter how well it’s written, your leads won’t answer you if you send your introduction message a few days after they submit their interest on your lead forms. Approaching late means your leads would’ve forgotten about you or moved on.  

The right time to message your clients is within the first 15 minutes of them submitting their interest. It lets them know who you are and why you’re messaging them. Receiving a quick response from a product or service provider they’re interested in is equally exciting for leads. 

  1. What should you include in the message script?

Your leads receive many promotional messages on their devices every day. Some of them are random cold messages they don’t appreciate. Therefore, your message should let the leads know that they are receiving the message because they were interested in a product or service a while ago. It ensures they don’t confuse your message with random ad messages. 

An introduction message shouldn’t look generic, and more importantly, should be personalised for the recipient. Mentioning the lead’s name and reminding them of the product/service they were interested in helps a lot. Therefore, don’t start your message with a generic “dear sir/ma’am”, instead address your lead directly at the beginning of your message (for eg, Hi John or Hi Catherine).

  1. Where should you send the message?

There’s no point in contacting the leads quickly if they don’t see your message because you won’t get a reply if they acknowledge it late. Therefore, what channel or platform you use to outreach plays an important role to make it high-converting. 

Right now, popular mobile messaging apps are the preferred channels to send your introduction message because your leads are likely to use them more frequently than other platforms such as emails. Also, think twice before calling your leads first – they may not pick up seeing that it is coming from an unknown number, and you won’t have the chance to deliver your pitch. 

How to write a high-converting real estate introduction message script

Sending a message quickly and via the right channels is pretty simple and straightforward, and doesn’t require much work if you have the right tools. However, getting the messaging right to convince your lead to reply is very open-ended. Here are some tips to help you create a high-converting real estate message script  

  • Make it short and sweet: Including more information definitely makes readers know about you more. However, when it comes to composing an introduction message, you shouldn’t make it too long. People might not have time to read your detailed story. They just want to know what’s in it for them. Don’t overwhelm your readers with information. Instead, provide short and interesting points. 
  • Address your leads directly: Addressing your leads and their interest in your message make them understand why they are receiving it. It improves the chances of your messages being opened and replied to. 
  • Don’t make it look too transactional: Too salesy words make a message look like spam or a generic promotion, reducing the chances of the recipient opening it. Your message should look like you’re genuinely trying to help your lead. 
  • Add a question for a response: A well-written and perfectly-timed message may make your client read and appreciate it. But, at the same time, they may wait for another follow-up message if it doesn’t include something to respond to. Adding a question at the end of your introduction message is the final piece of the puzzle to make your leads respond to it. However, be careful what type of answer you want to include. For instance, it’s best to include a yes/no question if you’re booking an appointment. 

3 high-converting real estate introduction script Examples 

Now that we’ve covered the best practices on what to include and how to write a high-converting real estate introduction message, let’s go through a few examples.  

Example 1: You’re generating leads for a newly launched condominium and someone named Terry has just submitted interest on your Facebook ad.

Hi, Terry! 

Thanks for your interest in our newly launched condo in Terra Hill. We want to make sure you know everything about your future property before deciding to make an investment. Would you like us to send you our FREE Floor Plan and e-Brochure to know more?

Example 2: You’re helping property owners rent out their house and you got a new enquiry from a local property portal.

Dear Catherine, 

We really appreciate your interest in Tim & Co. for renting your house. We have been helping house owners rent their houses at the best rate in Santa Monica since 2005. Would you like to have a non-obligatory chat to discuss your property and renting possibilities?

Example 3: Commercial office rental (fully furnished in the central business district) inquiry on your website

Hi, George! 

Thanks for your interest in our serviced offices in Manhattan. We currently have office spaces ranging from 200 to 1000 square-feet available. Would you like to let us know about your requirements, so we can find the best solution for you?

How apps like Privyr help you send high-converting messages to every lead and maximise sales

Knowing the best practices and writing a great intro script is awesome. However, putting the work into practice by personalising the messages and sending them out quickly via the right channels on a day-to-day basis can be very difficult, especially if you’re doing everything manually. Sometimes, even if you have the tools, you may not be able to perform certain tasks if you’re not in front of a laptop. 

But don’t worry! There are great tools in the market that can help you create and send high-converting messages and manage your leads from wherever you are via the device you prefer. Privyr is one great example of such a tool! 

Privyr minimises your manual work so you can do everything as quickly and easily as possible. From instantly downloading your leads to your system to composing and sending them high-converting messages, Privyr helps you do it all from the device of your choice including laptops and smartphones. 

Privyr is a mobile-first CRM designed to help you improve your sales by up to 300%. If you’re looking to convert as many of your leads as possible, try Privyr for free today! 

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