Real estate is a competitive industry, so you should always be on the lookout for fresh approaches to generate leads. 

Have you considered offering your potential customers a useful resource for free in exchange for their contact information? If not, it’s time to add Lead Magnets to your real estate lead generation strategy. 

A Lead Magnet is a free resource that you offer to your audiences in exchange for their contact details. As long as the resource is somewhat related to your core real estate services, it can be delivered in any format: an ebook, a newsletter, a report, a guide, a tutorial video, or even design templates — essentially, something that can make your lead’s life easier. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Lead Magnets

In this article, we’ll discuss 11 Lead Magnet ideas that you can apply to your lead generation campaign and improve your lead generation efforts. Look out for some useful Lead Magnet tips at the end of this post. Here’s our list:

1. Local market investment guides

People looking for investment properties are constantly seeking suggestions on investing.

An in-depth analysis of investment opportunities, trends, and risks in the local real estate market can serve as a great Lead Magnet. It can be a downloadable pdf guide or a video. 

Here’s how to create one

Gather local market information, talk to industry professionals, and put together case studies. Next, organise these details into an e-book or a video. Offer this valuable resource for free through Lead Ads or place it on your website’s landing page, making it available to users willing to exchange their email addresses for free access.

2. Home maintenance checklists

Keeping a property in a good condition is essential to preserve its value and prevent costly repairs down the line.

How about helping homeowners keep their properties in top condition? Some of them may even be homeowners who are preparing and staging their house for sale – and they may even want to list with you!

A checklist that compiles all the common maintenance tasks can be an effective real estate Lead Magnet. 

How to create one

Identify common maintenance tasks and organise them based on their maintenance needs. For instance, some repairs are more common in certain seasons. Use a design tool like Canva to create visually appealing checklists. Offer them on your homepage or blogs. As a bonus, consider providing a DIY home improvement guide.  

3. Virtual Staging Toolkit 

Staging means preparing the house for a potential buyer. Proper staging ensures visitors get the best first impression of the house. And unsurprisingly, staged houses command a higher sale price than unstaged ones.

You can give your potential customers access to software that lets them visualise different staging options for their homes as a Lead Magnet.

Here’s how to create this Lead Magnet

A simple way to offer this Lead Magnet is by partnering with a virtual staging tool provider and offering access or discounts to people who come across your website, social media pages or Lead Ads. Make sure to attach a free guide on how to use the staging tool.

4. Neighbourhood comparison charts

Property buyers make buying decisions very carefully. A chart or a guide that compares different neighbourhoods on factors such as schools, amenities, crime rates, and property values can be really useful to them. 

Help potential buyers reduce the overwhelming choices available to them, and they may even enlist your help in their next steps of buying.

How to create one

Gather data from public sources such as census bureau websites, treasury office websites, and real estate databases. Then, create interactive charts using Excel or Google Sheets. Prepare a PDF copy and add the chart as a lead magnet on your website, social media pages, or Lead Ads. 

5. Property tax savings ebook 

A free ebook with strategies and tips for how to manage and save on property taxes can be an attractive real estate Lead Magnet. It can be useful to both buyers and sellers. 

How to prepare one

Research and consult with tax professionals about tax-saving opportunities. Create a concise and informative ebook out of your findings. Add it as a Lead Magnet on your website or Lead Ads. 

6. First-time homebuyer’s guide 

Buying a home for the first time is an extraordinary occasion that could easily become overwhelming.

First-time homebuyers would definitely appreciate a resource that guides them through the entire home-buying process.

You can create an ebook or a video series for first-time buyers and distribute them through your website and social media. 

How to create the guide 

Outline the home-buying process and compile it into a step-by-step PDF guide. Alternatively, you can record a video series that covers each step of the homebuying journey, along with your best tips for each stage. You can add this resource as a Lead Magnet on your webpages, social media posts, and Lead Ads. 

You’d be surprised to know the number of property owners who have little to no knowledge about basic legal aspects of owning a property.

Why not help them by offering general and verifiable legal advice, and maybe even legal document templates as a bonus resource? 

Here’s how to create one

Research legal obligations of a landlord (can be different based on countries and even states). Compile the resources – these could be lease templates, legal requirements, and even property management tips. Then package these resources into a digital toolkit. 

8. Eco-friendly home guide    

Interest in eco-friendly homes is growing among buyers, and yet there are numerous misunderstandings about eco-friendly practices for a home.

With your next Lead Magnet, you can address these issues and guide people in the direction of making their homes more sustainable and energy-efficient. It can indeed be an invaluable resource to your leads. 

How to create one

First, research eco-friendly practices and home improvements. Then, compile the information that could also include rebates and incentives. Design a guide on canva and download it as a PDF file. You can share this free guide on your landing page, social media pages, and ads. 

9. Interactive property valuation tool

If you’re targeting property sellers, why not build a tool to help your visitors evaluate their property value in seconds? A tool like this can be an excellent Lead Magnet that attracts new listings for your real estate business. 

How to create a tool like this

There are quite a few property valuation calculators in the market. You can integrate your website with a property valuation API to offer such a service. Alternatively, you can also create a PDF market report for a specific neighbourhood based on market data that provides estimates.

10. Real estate photography guide

Good photography plays a crucial role in creating a positive first impression of a property. Good property photos can encourage potential buyers to explore further and book an in-person viewing.

If you’re helping people sell their properties, you can go one step further and provide a free or discounted photography service (offered through a Lead Magnet) to present their properties in the best way. It can be a great way to generate leads. 

How to create real estate photography guide

Explore photography websites, research photography tips, and compile photography advice and equipment recommendations into a guide. A downloadable PDF will do. You can even partner with real estate photographers to provide free or discounted services for anyone who chooses to list their property exclusively with you.

11. Personalised property investment analysis 

A custom report that analyses the potential return on investment for specific properties is always a good resource for property investors. It can help them make informed decisions and maximise their returns.

How to create this Lead Magnet

You need to keep updated with the latest real estate data and have some investment analysis experience to provide a customised guide like this. But it can bring exciting results (interesting, high value leads) if you target the right audience. Create and distribute a form for your analysis reports. When your visitors fill out the form, send them the personalised analysis based on their inputs.  

How to share a Lead Magnet

You can add your Lead Magnet to your website or social media channels, delivered as a downloadable resource via a link or a QR code.

However, the challenge is on how to collect your lead’s contact information in exchange for your Lead Magnet. To do that, you need a system that captures leads before handing over your free resource. 

If you’re running Lead Ads, you can use Lead Magnets to encourage the visitors to complete the form. Your Ads Manager can help you add a Lead Magnet to your lead form

You can also offer Lead Magnets on your website and get your potential customer’s contact details using a Lead Capture Form.

The process involves creating a new landing page, integrating a Lead Capture Form, and uploading your Lead Magnet.

The form will act as a firewall to your lead magnet, and to unlock it, the lead will have to leave their contact details first. 

Alternatively, if you have a WordPress website, there are plugins that can help you build a system that offers direct download of your resources once a visitor submits their details. 

How to offer a Lead Magnet when you don’t have a website 

Privyr’s Free Lead Capture Tool allows you to create your own Lead Capture Form and offer Lead Magnets to your potential customers in seconds. 

This tool makes the whole process much easier, whether you have a website or not, since you don’t have to go through the hassle of adding a Lead Capture Form to your website. 

Here are the steps to create your Lead Capture Form and distribute Lead Magnets via Privyr’s free tool:

  1. Open Privyr’s Free Lead Capture Tool here.
  1. Upload your lead magnet (as a PDF file), and enter your email address. You will be notified on this email address when someone submits their contact information through your form. Then, click “GENERATE LEAD CAPTURE FORM”.
  1. A new window will open confirming that your Lead Capture Form has been generated, along with a link. Copy your unique Lead Magnet link and save it somewhere safe so you don’t lose it.

You can distribute the link among your potential customers across all digital channels, including emails and social media platforms.  

The Lead Capture page will look like this when a potential client tries to access or download your Lead Magnet. 

Your visitors will only see a preview of your Lead Magnet, and in order to “unlock” the full document, they must first enter their name, email address, and phone number.

Once they fill out the form and submit the form, you’ll receive the details of the lead in your email inbox. You can save them to your phonebook, CRM, or a spreadsheet so you can reach out to them in the future.


A great Lead Magnet can be a simple guide that makes your potential customer’s life easier; something your audiences see value in.

If you want to create effective Lead Magnets, explore your potential customer’s needs, obstacles, and goals. Align your solutions closely with these areas and make sure your offer is practical and provides instant benefits.

By providing them with instant value, your audiences will feel even more confident in your expertise in the real estate industry, and they may even seek out your services.

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