Privyr - Track views on files you send on WhatsApp

Track views on files you send on WhatsApp

With Privyr, know exactly when leads view your PDF files and content with instant alerts, view counts, and time spent - all attributed to individual contacts.

Works seamlessly with WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, email, and more!

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Track views and opens on files

Works with and other chat platfroms.

Go beyond the usual blue tick read receipts, Privyr sends you instant alerts when your leads open your PDF files. It makes it possible for you to track which lead opened your PDF, when was it viewed, for how many times and for how long.

Trusted by 250,000+ businesses in over 100+ countries

We’ve helped sales and marketing professionals around the world receive, engage, and convert over 100 million leads with Privyr.





100 Million



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Send Personalised Messages in Seconds

Instantly send auto-personalised introductions, follow ups, and details with our QUICK RESPONSE feature, even to leads that aren’t saved to your phonebook yet. No need to type, copy + paste, or worry about making mistakes.

Works with the official WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business mobile applications.

Impress your Clients with Branded Files and Pages

Share personalised PDF files and web pages in one tap, with your contact details and branding automatically applied. Easily create beautiful pages from text, images, and other types of content - all from your mobile phone.

Generate highly personalised and professional content.

Track Views & Client Interest

Get alerts when your leads open your PDF files and page links, with detailed statistics of how many times they’ve viewed the content and even how long they spent looking at it.

Identify the highest potential leads, and know exactly when they’re the most interested.

Follow Up Effortlessly

Stay in touch with automatic reminders and personalised follow up messages, without any typing, searching, or scrolling needed. Use our BULK SEND feature to send auto-personalised content to up to 50 clients at a time.

Keeping your leads warm and engaged has never been easier.

Manage Leads from your Phone

Manage your new leads and existing clients with notes, follow up reminders, client interaction timelines, and much more. Your relationships are at your fingertips with Privyr's lightweight mobile CRM.

Never let another lead slip through the cracks.

Get Instant Alerts of New Leads

Connect Privyr to your website, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Ad Lead Forms, Zapier, and other lead sources to instantly receive and contact your new leads, all from your phone. You'll go from new lead to WhatsApp conversation within seconds.

Say goodbye to manually downloading leads and entering them into your phone.

Free Forever + Unlimited Access Plans

Enjoy unlimited usage and access of Privyr across all your devices, including all features and future upgrades.

Our free-forever tier offers unlimited instant lead alerts across all lead sources!

Built for Privacy

All your data is private by default, and you’ll always have full control over it.


Privyr will never sell, share, or make your data accessible to any third parties


Your data is fully encrypted in transit (TLS 1.2 via HTTPS) and in the database (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard)