99acres is a well-known property portal for real estate agents in India to list their properties and find potential clients. The platform allows you to reach a large and diverse audience of potential buyers and renters. You can also generate leads by targeting specific demographics and geographic areas to reach the most relevant prospects through targeted marketing. 

99acres also offers paid packages for agents to appear higher in searches within the platform and generate more leads. If you’re a real estate agent looking to utilise paid lead generation packages, you’ll find this article helpful.

99acres lead generation packages

In this article, we’ll cover 99Acres paid lead generation packages, so you can determine if they are worth it or which one suits you. We’ll also share some useful tips to maximise your lead conversion rate without paying for promotions. 

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What paid packages does 99acres offer for agents? 

99acres offers several lead generation plans for real estate professionals in India. Each plan is designed to meet the different needs and scale of operation. Understanding them can help you choose the plan that best fits your business goals and budget. Here’s a brief overview of the various paid plans available on 99Acres.

1. Sachet Pack 

Price: Starts from INR 1,591

Specifically designed for agents operating at a smaller-scale, Sachet Plan boosts the visibility of your listings for two months. This is a cost-effective plan you can use to test the platform’s effectiveness without committing to a long-term investment.

Sachet Plan can be ideal for agents with a smaller inventory looking to explore how digital listings help them connect with more potential customers. However, it may not be the best option if you have extensive listings or you’re seeking greater visibility and long-term lead generation.

2. Boss

Price: Starts from INR 3,149 per month

99acre’s Broker Owner Supply Solutions (BOSS) is a plan for agents looking to contact homeowners in their locality. With this plan, you can unlock the contact details of up to 50 homeowners interested to sell their properties in your chosen locality. 

BOSS can help you maximise your chances of securing owner mandates as you can reach out to more relevant, high-intent active owners every month. BOSS can be a great plan for agents who are in contact with a lot of potential buyers but have limited listing inventory. If you already have many listings to sell and are looking for buyers, this plan might not work for you. 

3. Featured Project

Price: Custom – Contact 99Acres for details

The Featured Project Plan is a great choice for agents who need extra visibility for their listings. This plan ensures your listings appear prominently in the search results within the platform and attract targeted traffic. 

The plan promises higher visibility on the 99acres desktop and mobile homepages, ability for agents to advertise special offers to a large audience, search visibility in the “New Bookings” segment, and unlimited slots and opportunity to promote on project pages. 

If you’re launching new projects and want to ensure they stand out, the Featured Project Plan can be a good choice. The plan is more suitable for agents with a large number of units to sell. However, if you don’t have any specific projects to highlight, you may not benefit as much from this plan, as it focuses on promoting individual projects rather than a broad portfolio.

4. Project Gallery

Price: Custom – Contact 99Acres for details

The Project Gallery Pan offers a dedicated project page where you can provide comprehensive details about your listings. With this plan, you can add multiple project listings and showcase them in an engaging and professional manner. 

With the Project Gallery Plan, 99acres promises improved visibility of your listings on its desktop and mobile pages, unlimited slots on project pages, and search visibility in the “New Bookings” segment. 

The Project Gallery Plan can be a good investment if you manage several large projects as it offers potential buyers an in-depth look at each of your projects. However, it might not be suitable if you’re not focused on project-based selling or have fewer listings.

5. Banners

Price: Custom – Contact 99Acres for details

Banners are essentially advertisements in high-visibility areas on the 99Acres website and mobile app. These customisable ads can effectively promote your brand to a broader audience. 

The platform offers branding and advertising options across different high-traffic pages, such as their homepage, search pages, project detail pages etc. You can also choose between different types of banner campaigns based on your target audience, location, budget, and purchase preferences. 

Banners are great for promoting your brand within the platform. However, spending on Banners might not be worth it if you have a limited budget or you’re looking for direct lead generation.

6. Premium Plan

Price: Starts from INR 899

The Premium Plan is the most comprehensive option if you’re looking for utmost visibility and lead generation. It offers maximum number of listings, highest visibility, and priority support. 

With the Premium Plan, the platform promises prominent display on their search result pages, unique property feature highlights, and free listing verifications.  

Premium Plan can be excellent if you’re looking to promote your listings fast and reach a broader audience in a short period of time. However, keep in mind that it can be expensive for smaller agents. 

How to maximise your lead generation on 99Acres without paid plans? 

While paid plans offer better visibility for your listings and more opportunities to generate leads, it might not always be feasible, especially for smaller agents. However, that should not stop you from generating quality leads on 99acres. In fact, you can still generate quality leads with regular, free listings. After all, your goal is to find one customer for one property. You can always focus on quality over quantity.  

Here are some tips to generate leads on 99Acres without paid plans: 

1. Optimise listings

Optimised listings are much more effective when it comes to attracting potential customers. But how to optimise your listing on 99Acres? Well, it’s actually easier than you think. All you have to do is ensure your listings have high-quality photos, videos, detailed descriptions, and accurate information. An attractive real estate listing with sufficient information encourages your leads to contact you for further information.

Consider adding virtual tours, if possible, and highlight key features, amenities, and nearby facilities. And don’t forget to ensure key information, including location, price, and size, is accurate and up-to-date.

2. Focus on relevant keywords

Using relevant keywords in your property descriptions and titles can drastically improve search visibility within the platform. Therefore, always include search terms and keywords that potential buyers are likely to use. Additionally, tag the location of the property so it appears in location-specific searches on the platform. Visitors use location filters while searching for properties. Adding the location to your listing will make it visible in location-specific searches.

Apart from location and property features, you may also want to include attractive highlights of the property in the descriptions and titles. For instance, instead of “3 BHK flats for sale in Juhu,” opt for “3 BHK flats for sale in Juhu with excellent ocean views.” 

4. Add social proof

Social proof adds credibility to your 99acres profile, making people more likely to contact you for further information about your listings. Encourage your past clients to write testimonials and leave reviews on your profile. If you’re new to the platform, consider offering a free service, such as a free market report and encouraging people to leave reviews on your service.

6. Promote your listings on social media

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter are excellent places to find real estate leads. Consider creating your business page on these platforms and promoting your 99Acres listings there. 

Here’s how to convert more real estate leads from your phone

If you’re a real estate agent who’s always on the go, you may prefer running your sales process from your smartphone. To be able to do that, you need a powerful mobile CRM that integrates with lead sources like 99Acres. There are many amazing CRMs you can use to streamline your tasks and maintain client relationships. But unfortunately, most aren’t mobile friendly. This is where Privyr comes in. 

Privyr is a mobile-first CRM that allows you to automatically transfer, manage, and follow up your 99acres leads from mobile. It lets you run your entire sales process without requiring any complex integrations. With Privyr, you’ll get real-time alerts for your new 99acres leads on your phone and you can easily reach out to them via messaging apps like WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, and more within a few taps.

Here’s how to integrate Privyr with 99acres: 

Step 1. Create a free Privyr account
Visit www.privyr.com and create your account.    

Step 2. Install the Privyr app on your smartphone
Install Privyr app on your mobile device. Privyr is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Step 3. Integrate 99acres 
In the app, tap on Account and select Integrations

Privyr Lead Sources Integration

Under the Lead Sources tab, select 99acres. Tap configure and follow the instructions. 

You’ll be redirected to an instruction page, where it will show you how to integrate Privyr with the 99acres. Privyr uses Webhooks to connect with 99acres. A Webhook is a free tool that facilitates communication and data sharing between two platforms.

With this integration, you’ll have a central location to store your 99acres customer data and run the entire sales process from your phone or desktop. Every time a new lead submits an enquiry on 99acres, you’ll instantly receive an automatic lead alert on your phone. You can then reach out to that lead via WhatsApp,SMS, iMessage, and more – using an auto-personalised message template – within seconds.


99acres lead generation packages can definitely help you reach more potential customers and improve your chances of closing deals faster. As the platform offers different packages suitable for everyone, you can always study each package thoroughly before committing to it. That being said, you don’t necessarily need to opt for paid plans to generate qualified leads on 99Acres. Optimising your listings with the right elements such as high quality pictures, detailed descriptions, and keywords is still a great way to connect with relevant leads efficiently. 

Keep in mind, generating more leads doesn’t necessarily contribute to sales if your sales process is not optimised. You’ll still need to reach out to your leads on time with personalised messages and nurture them effectively through the right communication channels. This can be very challenging to manage if you’re handling the process manually. The right CRM can be the solution. 

Start with the right CRM and make your life much easier. Try Privyr for free today.      

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