Privyr for Agencies

An inside look at how your
clients manage leads

Privyr for Agencies is a unified dashboard for effortless, real-time monitoring of what your agency clients do when they receive a lead.

Its free to use, and takes less than a minute to get up and running.

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Tired of getting blamed for "bad leads"?

You generate tons of quality leads for your agency clients, but have no idea what your clients do once they receive a lead. Even worse, they tell you the leads "aren't good", without any other details that will help you optimise the campaigns.

Enter Privyr for Agencies

A one-stop dashboard for you to:

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Clients' lead management

Monitor and improve your clients' lead management and sales processes.

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Real-time lead status

Check real-time lead status, response times, and lead interaction timelines in a single view.

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Easily access client data

Easily access client data across multiple Privyr accounts.

Monitor the quality of your leads

Get better insights into the types of leads you are generating for your clients. Understand if your campaigns are generating quality leads – or spam.

Better insights mean greater ROI – for you and your clients.

Track your clients’ interactions with leads

Gain visibility into how your clients handle their leads. View a timeline of your clients’ actions, including response time. Provide recommendations to help clients convert more of the leads you send to them.

Say goodbye to clients’ struggles with “bad leads”.

It's free to use.

Try Privyr for Agencies and see the difference

Built for Privacy

All your data is private by default, and you’ll always have full control over it.


Privyr will never sell, share, or make your data accessible to any third parties


Your data is fully encrypted in transit (TLS 1.2 via HTTPS) and in the database (256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard)