Are you a real estate agent based in India using 99acres to find potential buyers? We would like to share some tips to help you generate and convert more leads. 

99acres is a leading property portal in India that allows people to search for their dream properties and connect with sellers and agents. The platform is also a great place for agents to find their potential customers. 

By being mindful of a few crucial factors, you can actually generate many more leads on 99acres. In this article, we’ll guide you through some important steps and tips to generate and convert 99acres leads. 

How to maximise lead generation on 99acres

On platforms like 99acres, posting your listings is the primary way to generate leads for your properties. Apart from that, the platform also offers other features for you to maximise your listings’ visibility. You can collect high-quality leads on the platform with a clear, focused strategy. Here are some tips to maximise your lead generation on 99acres.

1. Optimise listings

Listings with high-quality photos, videos, detailed descriptions, and accurate information are considered good listings. Such listings are likely to be visited by more people, and therefore contribute to increased lead generation. Potential buyers come to the platform with many questions, interests, and preferences. If you can hook them in with an attractive real estate offering, it encourages them to contact you for further information.

When listing your real estate, showcase properties with high-quality photos and videos. Consider adding virtual tours, which can be particularly effective in attracting younger buyers. Also, write detailed and enticing descriptions for each property. Highlight key features, amenities, nearby facilities, and unique selling points. Finally, ensure all key information, including location, price, and size, is accurate and up-to-date.

2. Optimise for search

Suppose you’re looking to find buyers for a newly renovated apartment in Juhu, Mumbai. Your potential buyers will search for the property in two main places: Google and a property portal like 99acres. They will specifically search for apartment details such as bedrooms, facilities, and location, for instance, “2 Bedroom apartments in Juhu”. Including these keywords in your listing may increase the chances of it appearing in their search results.

Always use relevant keywords in your property descriptions and titles to improve search visibility. Include terms that potential buyers are likely to use. Moreover, tag the location of the property to appear in location-specific searches on the platform. Visitors use location filters while searching for properties. Adding the location to your listing will make it visible in location-specific searches.

3. Utilise 99acres built-in analytics

You can leverage the analytics on 99acres to learn about the performance of your listings and improve them over time based on what works. Additionally, the platform also offers lead management tools that you can use to improve your chances of converting leads.

4. Add social proof

Social proof, such as reviews and testimonials, adds legitimacy to your profile. Social proof adds credibility to your profile, and people would be more likely to contact you for further information about your listings. But how do you add social proof to your 99acres profile?

You can always encourage satisfied clients to write testimonials and leave reviews on your profile. If you’re new to the platform, reach out to your past clients for reviews. You may also offer a free service, such as a free market report or consultation on the legal and technical aspects of real estate, and encourage people to leave reviews on your service. 

5. Utilise paid services

If you want to generate a larger number of leads in a short period, you can use paid promotions for your listings on 99acres. There are several ways to use paid promotion on the platform.

For instance, you can pay for Premium Listings that are featured at the top of search results, ultimately attracting more views. Alternatively, you can showcase your projects in the ‘Featured Projects’ section. Featured Projects are viewed by more potential customers. If they find your listing interesting, they’ll contact you.

6. Promote your listings cross-platform

Your real estate leads could be anywhere, so it’s always better to promote your listings on as many platforms as possible. This includes social media pages, websites, and other property portals. You may also want to advertise your listings outside of 99acres on platforms, such as Google and Facebook, and redirect the leads to your 99acres listing.

Tips to maximise your lead conversion  

Generating leads is the first step of your campaign. The next challenge is to find the right customer and make a deal. But in reality, most of your leads do not convert, and you’ll find that the majority of them may not even reply to your messages. Here are some tips to increase your chances of conversion:

Prompt and personalised communications

A prompt response can significantly improve your chances of conversion, as your leads would know exactly who you are and still remember that they showed interest in your listings. Quick responses also show professionalism and eagerness to assist. Therefore, respond to inquiries as quickly as possible.

Another important aspect is personalization. People are more likely to respond to personalised messages rather than generic outreach or promotional content. Always address leads by their name and personalise your communication to address their specific needs and preferences.

Build trust and credibility with effective communication

Nurturing leads can be tricky if you fail to understand their preferences well. Real estate customers often decide to buy after thorough consideration. Therefore, always ensure you communicate effectively and at the right intervals.

While communicating with your leads, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their preferences and choices. Also, provide all necessary details about the property, including any potential drawbacks. Transparency builds trust. Highlight past successful deals and share testimonials from satisfied clients to build credibility.

Keep in mind that not all leads will convert, but they can be your future potential clients. Instead of pushing hard on sales, build a long-term relationship. This can help establish you as the go-to person for property transactions.

Create a consistent follow-up schedule

In real estate, people will rarely agree to buy your property in their very first interaction with you. What piques their interest is the regular flow of information over time and the value you demonstrate with each communication. Timely and consistent follow-ups are crucial.

Schedule regular follow-ups to keep the lead engaged. You may use emails or phone calls to stay in touch, but people nowadays prefer communicating through messaging apps like WhatsApp. Think wisely about what type of customer you’re dealing with and what communication channels they prefer. Consider using a CRM or a calendar tool to set automated reminders for follow-ups.

Offer value-added services

Offering something extra for free is a great way to build relationships with your leads. This could be anything such as a virtual tour session, market insights, or a free property valuation. By solving your lead’s small problems, you can establish yourself as their preferred real estate dealer.

Use a CRM

If you’re managing your sales process manually, you probably know it takes a lot of time and effort. You’ll waste a lot of time just downloading and organising your leads. This not only complicates your process but also makes it ineffective, as you’ll likely reach out to your leads late and not be able to deliver the level of personalisation in a hurry.

A CRM can play a significant role in streamlining your sales process. By taking care of repetitive tasks, it can provide you with enough time to focus on where you actually need to – nurturing leads.

There are many different CRMs built for different purposes. Choose a CRM that fits your needs. As an agent, you may want to focus on the tool’s user-friendliness and convenience.

Here’s the best way to convert 99acres leads from your phone

If you’re a real estate agent who prefers running the sales process on your smartphone while on the go, look no further than Privyr. 

Privyr is a mobile-first CRM that allows you to automatically transfer, manage, and follow up with your new 99acres leads on mobile. It lets you run your entire sales process without requiring any complex integrations and without copy-pasting anything yourself. 

You can easily integrate Privyr with 99acres to receive real-time alerts for new leads on your phone. With Privyr, you can reach out to your leads via messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and SMS within a few taps. This makes your communications and sales management seamless.   

Here’s how to integrate Privyr with 99acres: 

Step 1. Create a free Privyr account
Visit to create your account.    

Step 2. Install the Privyr app on your smartphone
Once you’ve created your account, install the app on your mobile device. Privyr is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Step 3. Integrate Google Forms 
In the app, tap on Account and select Integrations

Privyr Lead Sources Integration

Under the Lead Sources tab, select 99acres. Tap configure and follow the instructions that appear. 

You’ll be redirected to an instruction page, where it will show you how to integrate Privyr with the 99acres. Privyr uses Webhooks to connect with 99acres. A Webhook is a free tool that facilitates communication and data sharing between two platforms.

With this integration, you’ll have a central location to store your customer data and run the entire sales process. Every time a new lead submits an enquiry on 99acres, you’ll instantly receive an automatic lead alert on your phone. You can then reach out to that lead via WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, and more, using a pre-loaded message template – within seconds.


99acres is a great platform to generate real estate leads in India. However, your success in converting those leads depends entirely on your outreach and follow-up strategy. Whether you’re generating leads organically or through paid promotions, converting them requires a well-planned communication strategy.

Privyr can help you improve your sales by up to 300% by helping you seamlessly manage customer data, take care of repetitive tasks, and run your entire sales process from your mobile phone. Try Privyr for free today.

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