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Triple sales from your Facebook Lead Ads in 5 simple steps

You started running Facebook Lead Ads and are getting a steady stream of leads. Great! However, sales hasn't improved much, and you quickly realise that most of your leads aren’t actually buying your products or services. What’s going wrong?

While it’s easy to blame Facebook for “low quality leads” that don’t purchase, the reality is that you can do things differently to increase your new lead to sales conversion rates by 300% or more.

In other words, you can multiply your sales without spending more on marketing.

But before we get into it, there’s two things you need to know about Facebook leads:

  1. Most of your Facebook leads are genuinely interested in your products or services. Otherwise, they wouldn’t bother leaving their contact details for you to reach out to them (especially since privacy and spam are such big concerns today).
  2. Facebook leads are incredibly time-sensitive. Your ad appeared on their newsfeed and they were interested enough to click and submit their contact information. But this interest will fade away quickly. After interacting with your ad, they’ll see posts by their friends, ads from other businesses, and go on with their lives outside of Facebook. If you reach out a few hours (or days) later, they likely won’t even remember what your ad was about!

So what can you do to turn your leads into paying customers? Just follow the 5 steps below and watch your conversion rates skyrocket.

Step 1: Contact leads within the first 15 minutes

The faster you reach out to your leads, the more likely they are to respond and convert into customers. This is especially true for Facebook leads whose interest is very time-sensitive.

How fast is fast? Research shows that the chances of connecting with leads within the first 5 minutes are 100 times greater than after 30 minutes (Oldroyd, 2007).

If you’re taking hours or even days to follow up with your leads, you can expect most of them to ignore your calls and messages, or simply tell you they’re no longer interested.

Step 2: Contact leads on the right channels

If you want your leads to see (and respond to) your messages, contact them through chat apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, or SMS. These are apps they are comfortable using and check every few minutes, so you can be sure they see your messages.

It’s also a lot easier for leads to reply to you via chat compared to emails or phone calls, so your chances of getting a response will be much higher.

If you prefer phone calls, make sure to send a message before calling so they know to expect your call. Otherwise, you’ll look like a suspicious “unknown number” that is likely to get ignored.

Note: if you have an email auto-responder set up to send confirmation emails, newsletters, and promotions, that’s fine. Just remember that these are one-way marketing communications, so don’t expect leads to open most of these emails, and certainly don’t expect them to reply to any.

Step 3: Personalise your messages

Sending generic messages that start with “Dear Sir/Madam” is a surefire way to get ignored, reported as spam, and blocked.

Instead, your first message should include the lead’s name and the product or service they’re interested in, all within the first 10 words. This ensures that they recognise what the chat is about from the notification preview on their phone, without even having to click to view the full message.

Example introduction: “Hi Katherine, thanks for your interest in ACME Residences! I’m happy to share the latest...”

Remember, your message will come from an “unknown number” so you need to put in extra effort to make sure the lead knows that you’re reaching out about something they’re actually interested in.

Step 4: Make your messages easy to respond to

If a lead can read and reply to your message within 10 seconds, it’s likely that they’ll respond to it immediately. Otherwise, they’ll leave it to “later” when they have more time, which often turns out to be “never”.

This means your first message shouldn’t be super long nor contain lots of details, links, or attachments. You also shouldn’t ask 10 questions that they need to think about and type multiple answers to.

Keep your introduction message short (less than half your phone’s screen) and ask a single “yes/no” question that they can quickly read and respond to with minimal thinking and typing.

Step 5: Follow up 2-3 times

If a lead doesn’t respond to your first message or call, it doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. You should continue to follow up 2-3 times over the next few days.

Oftentimes they just were busy, didn’t see your message, or couldn’t reply immediately (e.g. in a meeting, driving, or taking care of kids). The trick is to get them at the right time.

Try reaching out at different times of the day and on different channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, and phone call. However, don’t try to contact them more than twice in one day, otherwise they may find it annoying and block you.

Ready to supercharge your sales?

Follow the 5 steps above for each and every Facebook lead you receive, and you’ll quickly see your response rates and sales conversions increase by 300% or more!

If you already have a way to personally call or message leads within the first few minutes on WhatsApp, iMessage, or SMS - great! If not, check out Privyr CRM.

Privyr is a mobile app that connects to your Facebook Lead Ads, website contact forms, and other lead sources to give you instant alerts of new leads and lets you reach out to them via WhatsApp, SMS, iMessage, or phone call within seconds.

It also offers auto-personalised messages and content, trackable PDF files and pages, automatic follow up reminders, and many more features to help you manage your leads and increase sales conversion. All of this can be done easily from your phone just in a few taps.

Sign up for a free trial today and watch your Facebook Lead Ad sales skyrocket!

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