About Lester Chen 陈揩融, for Sir/Mdm

About Lester Chen 陈揩融,

Millionaire Realtor | Co-Founder Finest SRI #1 Group Year 2021/22/23 | SEAA (Platinum) Award Winner

Being in the industry for over 18 years, personally mentored more than 300 salesperson.

Just before Singapore underwent the circuit breaker, Lester decided to re enter the property market after a long break of 6 years being a serial entrepreneur.

It’s an understatement to say the beginning of his return was drenched in uncertainty and fear during the circuit breaker

Together with his elites, he transacted more than $1.2b worth of properties and bagged the 1st producer in SRI through personal sales of more than a million in an unprecedented year 2020, also achieving champion division in year 2022, the fastest growing division in SRI with more than 800% increase of team sales in year 2022.

Currently, he is overseeing the strategic development and growth of SRIbigdata with his division.
With his passion and perseverance, endlessly reviewing his methods to improve for the best for all his clients and agents always.

His ability to analyse deep into the Master Plan of Singapore, especially in downtown and Sentosa, piecing news and trends to successfully uncover potential growth for his clients.
He was frequently invited to share his insights on Strait Times, Bloomberg, Mothership, Zaobao and other media.

To find out what's your home worth today for free @ https://bit.ly/xvaluation
or call/what's app https://wa.me/6591017777 91017777 for other matters.

Looking forward to hear from you and have a great day ahead.

Lester Chen 陈揩融
Group Executive District Director
R006736B | SRI Pte Ltd | L3010738A

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